Figure of the Day 10 – Batman Heroclix


Series: Heroclix Hypertime
Release Date:2002
Comments: It’s a week before my trip to San Diego Comic-con 2009, so I thought while I’m looking ahead to the trip, I should take a look back.

This Batman Heroclix figure was something that I brought home and picked up as a promotional item from a booth when I went to Comic-con.  Based on information I could dig up online, this item was released in 2002, but 2002 wasn’t the year I got this at Comic-con…so it seems that someone re-promotional-itemed.  Of course, I don’t mind, as this is the only Heroclix figure I have and I have no idea how to play the game.  That aside, its a pretty cool mini-Batman that reminds me of my first Comic-con.

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