Figure of the Day 33 – Batman (Action League)


Series: Action League
Release Date: 2009
Comments: First Star Wars, the Marvel and Transformers; “kiddified” action figures made it big over at the big H.  Not ones to be left out of a trend, Mattel has jumped on board bring kid-friendly DC universe figures to a toy aisle near you.

Here we have a small stylized Batman with a rocket backpack on.  The figure is undeniably Batman, albeit with exaggerated hands, feet and chin.  In a way, this figure addresses all that’s best about Batman.  The cardback states – “Batman blasts into space…” so apparently this is a space-faring backpack he is wearing.  Additionally, there’s no helmet; meaning once again – Batman doesn’t seem to need air.  Or any environment.  Awesome.

One negative about this toy is that he’s a little difficult to balance.  One of the great things about the “Heroes” figures is that they don’t fall over with a second glance.  These are Mattel’s first offering in this line, so we’ll leave them some room to grow. See a carded image after the jump.

Batman vs Kanjar Ro Carded

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