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Following on the footsteps of last year’s Transformers Classics, the fine folks at HASBRO have reintroduced G1 characters updated with modern transformations, articulation and detailing.  First up on the review block is Prowl – who features the distinction of having one of the most used names in Transformers history.

Packaging:  Prowl comes carded in a bubble, no surprises here.  A few extra touches to the bubble such as embossed Autobot symbols made it a little more than just a carded figure.  However the mouth-open-about-to-drool pose of the blister art does leave a little to be desired.


Prowl Car Mode

Car Mode: Prowl’s Universe 2.0 alt mode is a sporty police car.  All is right with the world.

Transformation: Not too trickey, however there’s two main problems I have.  Firstly the ball and socket joint used for the door / side panels is problematic.  Everytime I’ve transformed Prowl, I’ve ended up pulling at least one of the sides right off.  I’ve also dismembered Prowl a few times, pulling his arms off.  Whoops.  But other than these structural problems, no issues with the transformation at all.

Robot Mode:  Prowl’s legs are great.  Prowl’s torso is great.  Prowl’s hood as chest is great.  Prowl’s arms are good.  Prowl’s acid blasters are great, but chrome or silver detailing would have been better.  Prowl’s head sculpt is good.  The way Prowl’s head sits on his body is awful.  I describe it this way.  It’s like Hasbro had an awesome Prowl body.  And an awesome Prowl head…but were stumped about how to get the two to work together.  Then somone exclaimed,  “By jove I’ve got it!  Put the head on a shelf and lay the shelf on the body!”  And thus Prowl’s head was placed upon his body and looks odd.

Overall:  Yea, I have some issues with his head, but Prowl’s still pretty darned cool.  Gotta give this one a solid 8/10.  See additional pictures after the jump.

Classics Prowl and a classic Prowl

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