Ghost Rider Dorbz Ridez and Fallout Valut Boy Dorbz On The Way From Funko

Funko today shared details of the April release of their Dorbz Ridez Ghost Rider and a series of Fallout Vault Boy Dorbz.

Marvel’s spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider, is getting the Dorbz treatment and is bringing his flaming motorcycle along as his ride.

A series of Fallout Vault Boy Dorbz is also on the way with Mysterious Stranger, Grim Reaper, Rooted and a chase version of Rooted – Sneak (with a 1 in 6 rarity) included.

See all these in the gallery below.

Fallout, Peanuts, Civil War and Skyrim Pocket Pop! Keychains On The Way

funko logoAre your keys out of control? Do you have no place to put them? If what I’m describing applies to you,¬†over the next few months Funko’s got you covered. In March a pair of Peanut Pocket Pop!s will be released – Snoopy and Charlie Brown. April will see the release of Fallout Vault Boy and Power Armor and the Dovahkiin from Skyrim. Finally, May will see a pair of keychains from Captain America: Civil War – Crossbones and Black Panther.

All these will be available at your favorite shops to pick up Pop!s and Funko product. Check them all out below!

Funko Introduces Batman Arkham Trilogy Mystery Minis, Fallout 4 Pop!s

funko logoFunko’s sent out some news about their newest additions to their gaming themed collectibles.
The Arkham series has taken Batman games to all new levels of awesomeness and, come January, Funko will be commemorate the game trilogy with a series of Mystery Minis. Characters included are Batman (well Batmen), Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and more.

February will see the release of a series of Fallout 4 Pop! vinyls. The series includes the main character, Sole Survivor, Dogmeat, John Hancock and the T-60 Power Armor.

Check them all out below and look for them early next year in all your favorite stores!

Skyrim and Fallout Legacy Figures This November From Funko

funko logoFunko has announced the next two properties that will receive the Legacy treatment, Skyrim and Fallout. The Skyrim offerings include premium 6″ figures of Dovahkiin and the Daedric Warrior. Fallout sees the release of the Power Armor and the Lone Wanderer. All four figures will be available this November. Check them out below.

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