New Fallout Pop!s, Mystery Minis, 5 Star vinyl and Vynl Coming This Fall from Funko

Funko today shared details of new Vynl, 5 Star, Mystery Minis and Pop!s inspired by Fallout. 

In October a new Vynl 2-pack will be released with Vault Boy Skeleton and the Mysterious Stranger. A series of Mystery Minis will also be released in October. 

November will see the release of 5-Star vinyl releases of Vault Boy (Luck, Pyromaniac, Toughness), the T-51B Power Armor and Assaultron. 

A new Pop! series will be released in October. Included in the series are new versions of the male and female Vault Dweller, the Nerd Rage Vault Boy, the T-51 Power Armor, Assaultron, and a 6″ Pop! of a Sentry Bot. There will be several exclusives as well – Walmart will offer a Nuka-Cola T-51 Power Armor Pop!, Best Buy will have a Vault Tec T-51 Power Armor Pop!, and a Vault Dweller with Mentats can be found at GameStop.

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