Hasbro PulseCon Day 2 – Marvel Legends Reveals

It’s the second day of PulseCon and here’s the run down of all the cool new product the Marvel Legends team revealed! Many of these items are now available for pre-order, so if something catches your eye – head over to your favorite online store and nab a pre-order.

Marvel Legends Retro 3 3/4″ Figures

Let’s start with the little guys – the Legends team today revealed a retro Falcon, Mr. Fantastic and Venom coming to the line in Spring 2021. Each of these sports 5 points of articulation and is packaged on a retro-styled card. Also announced today is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive 2-pack of Phoenix and Wolverine.

Marvel Legends 6″ Retro Carded

Hasbro announced two new Retro carded 6″ Marvel Legends today – both the Scarlet Witch and a white Vision figure will be released on a ‘West Coast Avengers’ cardback. Look for these this spring.

Marvel Legends X-Men 90’s Animated Series Figures

These were a surprise…a Wolverine and a Jubilee based on the 90’s X-Men cartoon will be coming to HasbroPulse and shopDisney this Spring (available for pre-order now). These come in a premium VHS-tape inspired collector’s packaging. Wolverine even includes a framed photo of Scott and Jean to pine over.

Marvel Legends Captain America 2-Pack

With the MCU now having a brand new Cap, this 2-pack brings the two together and features an ‘Avengers Endgame’ Steve Rogers and a ‘Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ Sam Wilson. This will be an opportunity to get a goggle-less Sam Wilson head.

Marvel Legends Winter Soldier

Inspired by ‘Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ this is your chance to get the ‘ultimate’ Winter Solider as this is a flashback figure. You’ll be right back in ‘The Winter Soldier’ with two heads (masked and unmasked) a bunch of guns and a knife.

Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Series

We saw the 20th Anniversary Cap figure a few weeks ago…but today they added a comic inspired Iron Man to the mix. These fan channel exclusives, of course, celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Marvel Legends toy line with updated figures of the very first wave of Marvel Legends.

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