Transformers Trading Card Game Wave One Energon Edition Now Available

Announced a few weeks back, the Transformers Trading Card Game is celebrating it’s first birthday with a special Energon edition of the game. The Energon edition includes:

6 of Wave 1’s most prized character cards, printed on heavy, semi-transparent plastic with exclusive, brand-new art by fan-favorite artists:

  • Optimus Prime, Battlefield Legend by Marcelo Matere
  • Megatron, Living Weapon by Marcelo Matere
  • Cliffjumper, Renegade Warrior by Dan Khanna
  • Slipstream, Strategic Seeker by Dan Khanna
  • Bumblebee, Legendary Warrior by Ken Christiansen
  • Nemesis Prime, Dark Clone by Ken Christiansen

3 copies each of a Battle Card tied to each of the 6 characters (total of 18), printed on foil for the very first time with brand-new art!

  • Agility of Bumblebee
  • Bombing Run
  • Cargo Trailer
  • Fusion Cannon of Megatron
  • Ion Blaster of Optimus Prime
  • Start Your Engines

18 Energon Cube Damage Counters
30 Wave 1 Booster Packs, contained in two storage art boxes

The Character Cards, Battle Cards, and damage counters are all housed in a beautiful, foil Energon Cube box, the lid of which also allows for a display configuration for the character cards.

The Energon Edition is available now.

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