Figure Spotlight #21 – C-3P0

Vintage Collection C-3P0Part of the newest ‘branding’ of the Star Wars line, the Vintage Collection, this C-3P0 was released on a replica of his original card back.  C-3P0 was released in the first wave; a thematic wave consisting of characters from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Overall, the Vintage figures have been quite good from a sculpt and deco perspective.  C-3P0 is not different in this regard.  However, C-3P0 stands out for a different reason in that most of the features of the figure aren’t referenced at all in the packaging.  This C-3P0 features several removable panels; his face, his chest plate, his thigh, and a back panel can be removed to show an array of wires.  This is definitely cool and makes this 3P0 different from most others.  But at the same time, this is a bit peculiar as there’s no point in Empire where these parts of 3P0 are removed.  The Vintage collection figures were a steal over the holidays at $6 a pop, even at the normal $8ish this one won’t disappoint.

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