Figure of the Day 37 – Swerve


Series: Transformers: Generation 1
Release Date: 1986
Comments:   Recently reissued by Takakara/Tomy in a minibot multi-pack, Swerve is a remold of Gears – one of the original 1984 minibots. His alternate mode (shown after the jump) is that of a pick-up truck with some sort of payload or a camper over the bed.  Swerve was an entry level Autobot, having an extremely simple Transformation.

Remolds and repaints were key to the survival and expansion of the Transformers universe.  Being fairly expensive toys to produce and engineer, HASBRO had to get the most bang for their buck out of each mold.  This practice has been in place for the entire 20+ year run of Transformers.  Cartoons and other fiction often provide a way to add some extra dimension to these “cousins” of other Transformers, however this is not the case for Swerve.  Swerve’s shining moment in the original animated series is being stepped on by Trypticon.  Way to make an impression Swerve!

Transformers G1 Swerve Car

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