SDCC 2015 – Playmates TMNT Panel

cc15 tn Playmates Toys have a particularly interesting panel as it has a great set of panelists, including some folks who have worked on the brand since the beginning.

Mix & Match Figures:  By end of 2015 they’ll have up to 15 figures that can mix and match. Figures will begin to include an extra head for swapping. Tiger Claw, Casey Jones, Dogpound, Rahzer and others.

Pet to Turtle Mutations: 11″ version of pet to ninja Turtle coming in spring 2016.

Figure to Weapon: 1st time for figure to weapon, combining two top segments

Mix & Match Batle Shells: Turtle shell will be removeable and interchangeable.

Vehicles: Quad Rotor with Leo, Tri-Flyer with Raph, and Turtle Turbo Charger

24″ Leonardo that turns into playset

Basic Action Figures: Mondo Gecko, Mutant Shredder, Dimension X Turtles (all four), Dimension X Fugitoid, Savage Mikey

11″ Figures: Head Droppin’ Power-Coil Figures (action arm), 11″ Dimension X Turtles,

13″ Ninja Control Leonardo: RC Leonardo with sound effects

Exclusives: 11″ Metal Mutants Leonardo (SDCC), Metal Mutant 5 pack Target exclusive, Leonardo 8 pack – TRU Exclusive, has 8 versions of Leonardo, Dimension X Mozar and Lord Dregg 1st to market at Walmart

Vehicles: Casey Jones’ Slamboni , Fugitoid Ship, Party Van, Pizza Thrower

Roleplay: Updated to Dimension X looks, Ninja Strike Sword

Half-Shell Heroes: Figures 2-pack asst: Snakeweed & Spider Bytez, Baxter Fly & Slash, Tiger Claw  Newtralizer, Dojo Mikey, Dojo Ralph, Bebop & Rocksteady and more

Half-Shell Heroes get Mutations too: Vehicles become a 2nd vehicle.

Half-Shell Heroes also getting 2-packs with Dinosaurs and dinosaur vehicles

Movie 2 toys are set to be on shelf in April 2016.

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