Figure of the Day 35 – Storm


Series: Marvel Legends
Release Date: 2004
Comments: There was a time in the not-so-distant past when super-articulated figures were not the status quo.  With their Marvel Legends line, ToyBiz upped the ante.  These figures not only were superbly articulated, they were also highly detailed and highly collector oriented.

Storm, featuring a costume from the 1990’s run of X-Men has ~ 25 points of articulation.  Her costume is well detailed, plenty of sculpted folds in the material and her rubber cape billows, as if wind blown.  Storm looks like she just stepped right off the page of a Jim Lee issue of X-Men (in thigh high boots, no less!).  And ultimately, the comic accuracy makes it a little problematic as a toy as her body proportions seem off and the Storm’s giant hair and choice of footwear make her difficult to stand.  While I’ve never tried, I can’t imagine it is easy to run after a super-villain in a high-heeled thigh high boot.

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