SDCC 2016 – Marvel Legends Panel

SDCC 2016 logoMy day at SDCC today ended with the Hasbro Marvel Legends panel – see below for all my notes complete with misspelled character names and all! At the bottom of this post are photos of the slides from the presentation.

Fall 2016
The Raft SDCC exclusive

The Collector’s Vault 3 3/4″ SDCC Exclusive
12″ Marvel Legends – Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America
Premium Role Play – Cap Shield, Iron Man helmet
75th Anniversary Metal Shield – shipping in October.
3 3/4″ Comic 2-packs: Wave 3: Gamora and Star Lord, Rocket and Groot

6″ Marvel Legends
Doctor Strange
BAF Dormanu – Neko, Iron Fist, Brother Voodoo, Classic Dr. Strange, movie Strange, Carl Mordo (on shelves 10/1)

3 3/4″ Wave 1 – Lady Deadpool, Moon Knight, SPider UK, All New Iron Man, Maestro, X-23 Wolverine
Spider-Man 6″: Jackal (100% new), classic Green Goblin, Spider UK (100% new body, will provide some new body variation), Spider-2099 (also new body), Symbiote Spider-Man, Miss Marvel (will have alternate parts)
6″ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: (1/2 MCU, 1/2 classics) – Black Nova, Angela (fans choice winner last year – 100% new body), Vance Astro, Dark Hawk, Titus
6″ X-Men: Dazzler, Sunfire, Colossus (around 7.5″), Polaris, Jim Lee Cyclops — BAF Phalanx…2 additional figures.

Sneak Peaks
6″ Netflix Punisher, Jessica Jones
3 3/4″ Wave 2 Jessica Jones, AOU Magneto, Hydra Steve Rogers
Monica Rambeau
Mary Jane
3 3/4″ Spider-Man, Shocker
Dark Phoenix (trying to do translucent hair)
Matt Murdock (beat up)
12″ Deadpool
6″ Legends Sue Storm w/ Herbie –> Walgreens exclusive

Moebius Models at SDCC 2016

SDCC 2016 logoIn advance of the show, the folks at Moebius Models gave me a heads up on their SDCC exclusives and I was very impressed with what they shared – so I took some time from today’s schedule to swing by their booth and check out what they had.

Their exclusives were representative of their product in general as they had some amazing model kits on display – from a stunning USS Enterprise to a lovely Batgirl every shelf was filled with fantastic assembled models. While I accept that I don’t have the skills to build (well, paint) models well – if you do, then Moebius may have your next kit. And if you don’t, then you may get lucky and they’ll offer a fully painted version.

Jada Makes a Big Entry Into SDCC

SDCC 2016 logoThe saying “go big or go home” is one that Jada Toys apparently follows as for SDCC this year they went big. While their diecast Metals line is relatively new – they clearly have big plans for it based on the display at SDCC. Figures from X-Men, the Marvel cinematic universe,  DC, Power Rangers, the WWE, Mortal Kombat, Ghost Busters, Assassins Creed and more were all on display in a number of different sizes.

Take a minute to click through the gallery below and see all the die cast figures on the way from Jada Toys.

Underground Toys Surprises with New 13 Doctors Set

SDCC 2016 logoAt SDCC this year, Underground Toys (and Home!) surprised with a new edition of their 11 Doctors boxset by expanding it to all 13 Doctors. And if the addition of two additional Doctor’s wasn’t enough to make the set feel new – the deco on each other Doctor has been altered from previous editions. Detail shots of each Doctor are included below.

In addition to this new figure set, some brand new pieces for their housewares line was also on display with Marvel and Star Wars items taking center stage. Check out the complete display below.

SDCC 2016 – Entertainment Earth / Bif Bang Pow!s Display

SDCC 2016 logoMy Saturday morning at SDCC started off with a conversation with the fine folks over at Entertainment Earth, which really is a great way to start a Saturday. During my time there we looked at some of the latest and greatest Bif Bang Pow! products – from the 3 3/4″ Shark Tank figures to their growing line of chair capes all the way to the brand new line of Pin Mates. The properties that Bif Bang Pow! are working with keeps growing with Marvel, DC, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Dexter, KISS being just a few among many.

The gallery below has most of the product on display in the Entertainment Earth booth – check it out.

New Marvel Legends from Hasbro at SDCC – DAZZLER, Jessica Jones, the Punisher

SDCC 2016 logoAs SDCC goes on, the Marvel team at Hasbro likes to keep things fresh by introducing new figures to the case as the days go by. Yesterday was no exception as a few new figures were introduced to the case – Dazzler and two Netflix inspired figures – Jessica Jones and the Punisher.

Dazzler is, of course, significant as it’s been a personal quest to see her get her chance to shine. With the debut of Dazzler, I’m forced to go back to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe and find a new character to champion.

The Marvel panel will be today – so look for even more new Marvel reveals!

Quantum Mechanix’s SDCC Display

SDCC 2016 logoQuantum Mechanix had some of my favorite new products at Toy Fair this past February and they didn’t disappoint with what they brought to SDCC.

Quantum Mechanix has fully stepped inton the 1:6 scale world displaying some amazing figures from Star Trek, Supernatural, Firefly, and the Princess Bride. The Star Trek line is their most expansive as it spans The Original Series, The Next Generation and an amazing movie Kirk and Spock.

Of course it wasn’t limited to just 1:6 scale figures as QMx has their hot Q-Figs on display, new plush items, a replica Guardians of the Galaxy Milano, the USS Franklin from Star Trek: Beyond and an amazing Millennium Falcon complete with interior details.

Be sure to check out the gallery below.


Bluefin’s Tamashii Nations at SDCC 2016

SDCC 2016 logoI realize that I posted a Bluefin gallery the other day, but the Tamashii Nations display was so impressive it needed it’s own post. While I covered the Toy Story Chogokin – there’s improved pictures in the below gallery. Also getting some well deserved attention are the Figuarts Turtles (they look perfect), the debut of WWE Figuarts, the new Samurai Spider-Man and much more.

See it all below.

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