Funko Announces Harley Quinn and Deadpool Wacky Wobblers, DC Universe Mystery Minis

funko logoOur fantastic friends at Funko announced a pair of new Wacky Wobblers and a DC comic series of Mystery Minis today. The new Wacky Wobblers despite coming from two comic universes are sporting similar red and black color schemes. The newest Wacky Wobblers are Deadpool, who is set for a November release and Harley Quinn, targeting January.

Also lined up for January is the assortment of DC Comics Wacky Wobblers. Including variants, there’s a total of 17 different characters planned. Each display box of 12 figures will include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. The 10 and 11 spots are equally shared by Lex Luthor, TV-deco Batman, Martian Manhunter and Black Manta. The 12th spot is split between Metallic Harley Quinn, White Lantern, Reverse Flash and White Lantern Batman.  Harley & the White Lantern are twice as common as Reverse Flash or White Lantern Batman. Check out all the figures below, and keep your eyes out for preorders!

What I Opened Today: Star Wars 6″ Black Series Luke Skywalker

starwarsFinally, I’ve gotten around to opening my last wave 5 Star Wars Black Series 6″ figure. I’ve seen Luke a ton of times at Walgreens, but managed to hold off until Entertainment Earth sent my case. Let’s take a look at the Black Series’ 3rd Luke – dressed in his Jedi best.

Package Bio: Luke goes to the second Death Star to confront his father, Darth Vader. Despite giving into his anger, Luke refuses to destroy his father and rejects Emperor Palpatine’s attempts to turn Luke to the Dark Side.

I’ll never turn to the dark side.”

Thoughts: This is the 3rd version of Luke Skywalker in the 6″ Black series line following the first wave’s X-Wing pilot Luke and the third wave’s Bespin Luke. This time around, Luke is sporting his black Jedi attire from ‘Return of the Jedi’. With the use of an interchangeable piece, you have the choice of displaying Luke with the front of his jacket closed or open displaying the white inside of the flap. This was a nice touch by the design team.

Luke’s body features articulated ankles, knees, thighs, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. He can easily hold his lightsaber in both hands. While his body is at the standard set by previous Black series figures, there’s something off with his head. Comparing the figure to stills from Jedi, two things jump out at me…the first is that the blue part of Luke’s eyes seem too large. The second thing that jumps out is that I’m not sure his hair is right. Now through the course of the movie Luke’s hair does change a bit…on Tattooine the part is on his right side, on the Death Star the part is on his left side, but the figure really doesn’t have a well defined part and his hair is just sort of shaggy.  I wouldn’t have wanted wind swept sail barge hair, but maybe something more like this.

Luke comes with his lightsaber, where the blade can be removed from the hilt. Luke’s belt includes a place to hang the hilt, however it’s placed a little too far center and it doesn’t lay well. Both the hilt and blade are made of softer plastic, meaning you can expect bent lightsabers in your future.

Summary: I was a little rough on Luke in this review…he really is a fine addition to the line, but he’s the third Luke we have and the Bespin Luke set the bar high. I think Jedi Luke would have been just as good with a tweak to the head (sculpt, or maybe even just paint) and maybe with a cloak included. If you want to add Jedi Luke (and the rest of wave 5) to your collection, you can pick up the case from  Entertainment Earth or be on the hunt.


Entertainment Earth “Buy 3, Get 4th Free” Sale Underway for Funko Pop! and ReAction Figures

EE LogoI’d be remiss if I didn’t call attention to Entertainment Earth’s current sale, running through next Tuesday. For every 3 Funko Pop! Vinyl or ReAction figure you order, you get the 4th free. This is valid for both in-stock and pre-order merchandise, meaning it’s a great time to order all the cool Pop!s that have been announced recently. Check out the sale by clicking the graphic below, or clicking here. EE is a sponsor of AwesomeToyBlog, and any purchases made through links on the site help keep the lights on and are appreciated!


OurEntertainment Earth

Celebrate Halloween with Playmobil Vampires

LogoPlaymo155If you’re looking for a spooky way to dress up your Playmobil sets for Halloween, you’re in for a treat (no tricks here!). Today they sent over details of a new duo pack of Vampires! The set, Duo Pack Vampires (5329) includes both a male and female vampire figure as well as a candlestick, goblet, tiara, and other accessories. This set has a SRP of $5.49 and is available now!

Playmobil is also sponsoring a Halloween themed contest on Facebook giving you the chance to win a spooky prize by submitting a photo of your carved or painted pumpkin at, but hurry – the contest ends Saturday 10/18th!

image001 (1)

Second Series of Magic: The Gathering Pop! Vinyls Announced

POP LOGOToday Funko announced a second series of Magic: The Gathering Pop! vinyls. This time around they’ve added six new characters to the line, five standard size Pop!s (Gideon Jura, Elspeth Tirel, Tezzeret, Kiora Atua and Sarkhan Vol) and a 6″ jumbo Pop! – Nicol Bolas. These will be available in November and should be showing up for pre-order at your favorite Pop! retailers soon.

What I Opened Today: Star Wars Black 6″ Sandtrooper

starwarsLast week my box of Star Wars Black Series Wave 5 finally arrived from Entertainment Earth. With all the trips I’ve made to Walgreens in the past month, I’ve been tempted by Jedi Luke and Chewbacca many, many times but I held out! Now that my order arrived, I’m giving each figure a once over. Yesterday was Darth Vader and today is Han’s best bud, Chewbacca.

Package Bio: Sandtroopers search Tatooine for R2-D2 and C-3PO who escaped from a rebel ship with the plans to the Death Star. The Troopers encounter the two droids in Mos Eilsely, but a Jedi mind trick fools them into letting the Droids go. “These aren’t the Droids we’re looking for.”

Thoughts: If you bought the first wave of Star Wars 6″ figures, you know exactly what to expect with this figure. This Sandtrooper is a repaint of the first Sandtrooper, but with the shoulder pauldron colored black instead of orange…I know, it’s not super exciting, but it’s better than a straight up repack of a figure. The figure is plenty good, and fortunately look good in multiples. The black pauldron (per Wookiepedia) signifies this new trooper is enlisted, the previously released orange trooper is a squad leader. If you’re looking to build your forces, this is the trooper you should be picking up, unless you want to have multiple chefs in the kitchen!

Summary: I’ll admit, I wrote about the Sandtrooper instead of Luke since I knew it would be short. Don’t mistake the brevity as an indication that the figure is sub-par, it isn’t. But it also isn’t super-interesting…it’s a straightforward repaint of a very good figure. The Sandtrooper along with the rest of his case pals were ordered from Entertainment Earth. And I bought one from Walgreens. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some Teasers for October’s Loot Crate


Our pals over a Loot Crate have sent over a few details on October’s box of goodies. You can grab this Crate by signing up for the service by October 19th. Check out what they had to say:

Here’s the deal for October, thanks to our partnerships with Capcom, Syfy, and Image/Skybound:

Capcom’s contribution to the FEAR crate is a special, exclusive, and functional item that pays homage to “Dead Rising 3.” It’s something that has never existed before this crate!

Thanks to Syfy, we are bringing a cult favorite to Looters in a different way. No one can resist tornados full of sharks, right?

And last, but definitely not least, we worked with Image/Skybound to get an exclusive variant comic cover for the newest issue of “The Walking Dead.”

You can sign up for the service at, a single month’s box run just shy of $20.


Vans Customs Releases Two Exclusive Vans x Star Wars™ Prints

starwarsNow that I’m up to three pairs of Vans X Star Wars shoes, when I got the announcement of the limited edition Darth Vader and Yoda prints becoming available on, I’ve often felt that if I didn’t collect toys, I’d collect sneakers, so I knew I’d be posting this.

The limited edition Vans x Star Wars Darth Vader and Yoda patterns can be arranged across the Authentic, Classic Slip-On and Sk8-Hi silhouettes in men’s, women’s and boys’ sizes. Taking the Authentic as an example, you can customize the pattern or color of the vamp (the part of the show at your toes), the quarter (the rest of your foot, more or less), the tongue, the binding (right along the edges), the foxing (the rubber part along the sides), the foxing stripe (the stripe on the foxing…maybe that one was self-explanatory), the laces and the eyelets. Between the two prints, 27 colors and 24 patterns you can design a shoe that is 100% you.

The custom Vans x Star Wars prints are available exclusively through Vans Customs from October 15 to November 15. Create your own pair now at And browse the entire Vans x Star Wars footwear and apparel collection at:


What I Opened Today: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Chewbacca

starwarsLast week my box of Star Wars Black Series Wave 5 finally arrived from Entertainment Earth. With all the trips I’ve made to Walgreens in the past month, I’ve been tempted by Jedi Luke and Chewbacca many, many times but I held out! Now that my order arrived, I’m giving each figure a once over. Yesterday was Darth Vader and today is Han’s best bud, Chewbacca.

Package Bio: Chewbacca is Han Solo’s copilot on the MILLENNIUM FALCON. The powerful wookiee is a courageous fighter, skilled mechanic and loyal friend who joins the fight to save the galaxy.

“Rrrooaarrgghh! Awrggh! Rwaah-oh-oh!”

Thoughts: It’s impossible for me to start this review with anything other than Chewbacca’s quote. It’s awesome, but I can’t place exactly where in the trilogy it’s from. If you know, leave me a comment!

Moving on from the quote, the first thing that you notice when freeing Chewbacca from the box is how big he is. Chewie stands nearly 7 3/4″ tall, giving him a good, in-scale, height advantage over his fellow 6″ figures. It’s awesome that Hasbro was able to fit him into a regular wave and get him into fan’s hands for just $20.

Chewbacca features articulated ankles, knees, thigh swivel, hips, waist, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. His neck motion is limited somewhat by his sculpted hair, but you can still turn it a bit. The sculpted hair also limits articulation at the wrists and ankles, but this is a fair trade off against having the joints be exposed. Accessory wise, Chewie includes his murse (or wurse? Wookiee purse?) and his bowcaster which you assemble. You might want to use a dab of glue when you put yours together, that way it’ll stay in one piece. It was a bit of work getting his gun into his hand.

The sculpted hair looks good on this figure, with a majority of Chewie’s body being one medium brown color with darker brown accents. I’m not describing it great, but he’s pretty well colored. The paint decos around the remaining details, particularly his eyes are quite good which really sell this figure.

Summary: Han’s best bud is finally here and the pair look great on the shelf together. This Chewie sculpt will be a great base for future variants like the Leia as Boushh with prisoner Chewbacca I pitched for next year’s SDCC.  I ordered Chewbacca, and the rest of the Wave 5 case, from Entertainment Earth.


Marvel Select ‘Bleeding Edge’ Iron Man Heading to

dst-logo1Diamond Select Toys today sent out some news about their latest exclusive Marvel Select figure ‘Bleeding Edge’ Iron Man. The ‘Bleeding Edge’ armor, debuted in Invincible Iron Man #25 is made up of millions of nanomachines stored inside Tony Stark which form a protective armor. This latest Marvel Select figure is exclusively available at starting October 13 and features 16 points of articulation, as well as a display base that simulates Iron Man’s flight path through the wing of an enemy fighter jet.
After October 27, the Marvel Select Bleeding Edge Iron Man figure will be made available on, and will begin to make its way to Disney Store shelves in the U.S. and Canada.

Funko Announces Jungle Book and Robin Hood Pop!s

POP LOGOFunko sent over a few new pics today of some Pop!s that are set to hit stores this month. The previous Jungle Book Pop!s, Baloo and King Louie are set to get some new friends as Mowgli, Kaa and Shere Khan are joining the party.

Pop! vinyls from Disney’s Robin Hood are also on the way with Robin Hood, Prince John and Sir Hiss also becoming available in October. Check out all these new Pop!s below and keep an eye out for these at your favorite spots to pick up Funko products.

What I Opened Today: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Darth Vader

starwarsLast week my box of Star Wars Black Series Wave 5 finally arrived from Entertainment Earth. With all the trips I’ve made to Walgreens in the past month, I’ve been tempted by Jedi Luke and Chewbacca many, many times (had I seen Darth Vader, I would have bought him). I held firm though and patiently waited until my pre-order arrived…well, maybe patiently isn’t the right word to use. Each day this week we’ll look at one of the figures – starting with Darth Vader.

Package Bio: After Darth Vader and Luke join forces to defeat the Emperor, Vader asks Luke to help him remove the mask that covers his face.

“Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes.”

Thoughts: Let’s get the ‘negative’ out of the way first – the helmet isn’t perfect and when Hasbro makes a version without the unmasking feature (maybe an Episode IV version) it’ll be more screen accurate. With that said, I can now gush about how awesome this figure is.

This is the figure from the wave that I couldn’t wait to tear open and I was not disappoint. Minor mask quibbles aside, Darth’s awesome. The sculpt is quite good and features articulation as the ankles, knee, hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, wrists and neck. His helmet is removable, which makes me think back to how big of a deal it was when that first 3 3/4″ figure had a removable helmet. Darth Vader has both a cloth skirt and cape – which is quite full and connects at the neck with real chain. Vader’s lightsaber, his only accessory, features a removable blade. There are no spots for him to hang the hilt on his belt.

Look, the 6″ Star Wars line is firing on all cylinders and hasn’t had a miss yet (distribution / case packs excluded). Darth Vader is such a definitive character, I’m surprised it took five waves for him to be released, but he’s here now and he’s my favorite Black Series figure yet. I’m particularly impressed with how well the soft goods cape works – capes just don’t work this well at the 3 3/4″ scale.

Summary: I can already tell that Vader’s going to be one of those figures that takes up residency on my desk as I can see myself sitting in a teleconference just futzing with him. I may have had to wait five waves, but it was well worth it as this first 6″ Black series Vader is among the best of the line. He should be starting to hit stores (online and real life). I ordered mine from Entertainment Earth.


What I Opened Today: ‘The Dead Planet’ Sound FX Dalek

Doctor Who logoMy toy runs have been so Walgreens centric lately, imagine my surprise when I found new Doctor Who toys at Toys R Us! I ended up buying a few 3 3/4″ figures ($15 each, yikes!) and a 5″ talking Dalek (oddly also $15). Let’s start with our exterminating friend, shall we?

Package Bio: The Daleks were created by the Kaled scientist, Davros as travel machines. He had deduced that the years of radiation and chemical poisoning from an ongoing war would lead his race to mutate into immobile organisms.

The Dalek travel machines would house these creatures and allow the Kaleds to to survive. However, in the course of his experiments, Davros deliberately removed what he considered to be debilitating emotions from the mutants and a force of evil was spawned!

The Daleks were born without any ability to feel compassion or pity and were motivated only be heate, fear and an implacable belief that they were the superior creatures in the Universe.

Thoughts: This Dalek is based on the story ‘The Dead Planet’ which is the second episode of Doctor Who ever and introduced the Daleks to the world. Of course if this was going to be completely accurate, the only thing that would be in the bubble would be the Dalek’s plunger as the episode ends with the Barbara up against a wall screaming as a plunger comes towards her. Since a plunger in a bubble isn’t likely to sell that well, we get a full Dalek as they appeared in the following episodes of the story – a silver body with light blue bumps. The eye blinkers on the dome are small and round.

Regardless of scale (5″ 3 3/4″ other), Daleks are something that Character Options / Underground Toys do near perfectly. With the Sound FX Daleks, they take their near perfect Dalek figure and add an era appropriate sound chip. It is disappointing that the sound clip isn’t episode specific, but this is a good compromise. The button for the sounds is hidden away in one of the Dalek bumps, hiding it extremely well. Sound clips included with the ‘Dead Planet’ Dalek are:

  • Resistance is Useless (The Dalek Invasion of Earth)
  • Daleks are the Masters of all
  • Daleks will destroy all life
  • Exterminate! (The Power of the Daleks, and essentially all others)
  • Annihilate! Destroy! (The Power of the Daleks)
  • Daleks Conquer and Destroy! (The Power of the Daleks)

The volume and sound quality of the clips is quite good. When the batteries die, they are easily replaced as there’s an access panel on the bottom of the Dalek next to an on/off switch. I won’t go into the other details of the Dalek, scuplt and such, as it’s near perfect.

Summary: Throughout the entire Classic Doctor Who line there have been many, many Daleks released…and they’re so good I have happily bought many, many Daleks. The Sound FX ‘Dead Planet’ is a great addition to my collection blending in perfectly with all the others but with a touch of a bump he’s ordering me to ‘Exterminate!’.  For just $15 at Toys R Us these are a steal and I know I’ll be picking up the ‘Chase’ and ‘Genesis’ Daleks as well.


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