Kidrobot Releases The Simpsons Devil Flanders & Mr. Sparkle Figures

Kidrobot teams up again with The Simpsons to bring you The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 3-inch Mini Figure and The Simpsons Devil Flanders Art Figure in two horrifying color ways just in time for Halloween.

The Simpsons Devil Flanders Art Figure
It’s always the one you least suspect. Straight from the Treehouse of Horror, Kidrobot is ready to sell your soul for a donut with the 7 inch tall The Simpsons Devil Flanders medium art figure featuring Ned Flanders. Depicting the head demon in charge and coming complete with a pitchfork, this art figure is ready to wreak hi-diddly-heck on your favorite Simpsons pieces. Collect both the Exclusive Glow in the Dark Devil Flanders (limited to 500 pieces world-wide) and the original brown color way today to prove you’re smarter than the devil himself!

The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 3″ Mini Figure
Kidrobot and The Simpsons have teamed up for an all-new The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 3″ Mini Figure. For lucky best wash, use Mr. Sparkle! Homer Simpson’s doppelganger is finally here as a mini figure based off the wildly popular The Simpsons 7″ Mr. Sparkle Medium Figure! Relive the classic episode with our The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle mini figure! Mr. Sparkle comes in an all new 3 inch size and makes a wonderful addition to your The Simpsons collection!

Find both at

Marvel Animated Minimates Series 7 Revealed; Series 6 Now Available at Walgreens

The sixth series of Marvel Animated Minimates has arrived in Walgreens stores! Spider-Man and the Inhumans headline the latest assortment of the exclusive mini-figure line only available at Walgreens, and now Diamond Select Toys is ready to unveil the next batch! This upcoming seventh series of figures features the first two-packs from the new cartoonMarvel’s Spider-Man as well as more characters from Avengers Assemble, including new editions of classic Super Heroes and Super Villains who have never been done in the animated style!

Series 7 will hit Walgreens stores on or around December 1, 2017, and will include four different two-packs, each containing two 2-inch Minimates mini-figures. The assortment includes:

  • From Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spider-Man faces off with the Scorpion! Criminal Mac Gargan wears a full scorpion suit with an articulated tail, while Spider-Man includes a webline accessory.
  • Also from Marvel’s Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid, a.k.a. Miles Morales, tangles with with the Vulture! The villainous Adrian Toomes features wings, a removable helmet and a transparent flight stand, while Kid Arachnid comes with a webline accessory.
  • From Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel teams up with the Red Hulk! Kree-powered super-heroine Carol Danvers includes energy effects that attach to her hands and a transparent flight stand.
  • Also from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Captain America puts on his own Hulkbuster armor to stand up to his old foe Baron Zemo! This is the first Minimate ever made of Steve Rogers’ red, white and blue Hulkbuster armor, and it includes a shield accessory and a hinged helmet. Classic Avengers villain Zemo comes with his sword.

Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features fully interchangeable parts, so you can trade accessories and create custom looks. Minimates also feature a standard 14 points of articulation, to strike a variety of poses, and each Minimate comes with a clear disc base that pegs into the character’s foot to support dynamic poses.

Look for Series 6 in all Walgreens stores now, with Spider-Man and Iron FIst, White Tiger and Iron Patriot, Vision with Abomination and Black Bolt with Medusa! Find your nearest store at!


Funko Announces Next Batch of Masters of the Universe Pop!s

Funko today announced the next batch of Masters of the Universe Pop!s, which should be hitting stores in January.  This series includes Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, 2 colorways of Merman – the blue is a 1:6 chase, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Stratos and Orko. 

Funko also has several retailer exclusives on the way. Toys R Us will feature a flocked version of Moss Man, Target will offer Faker and FYE will be the home to Trapjaw.

Look for these in stores this winter or pre-order from AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth.

Hasbro’s ‘My Little Pony: Equestria Girls’ Series Launches on YouTube November 17th

Fans of Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Equestria girls should get out their calendars and circle November 17th, 2017. That day marks the premiere of their new My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series on YouTube. There’s 45 new, fun and exciting episodes from the series lined up with new episodes rolling out each Friday after the premiere. 

The magic of Equestria cannot be contained! It’s found its way into the world of the all new My Little Pony Equestria Girls Digital Series and it’s turning everything on its head. From afterschool clubs to beach days, music festivals to theme parks, and a rockin’ Spring Break on a yacht, magic is sure making things interesting. Join Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity as they learn what it means to be superheroes while they take on their biggest challenge yet: high school.

In addition to the new TV series, Hasbro is releasing a brand new line of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fashion dolls. In partnership with Laura Shuffman, the official My Little Pony: Equestria Girls celebrity stylist, Hasbro revamped the dolls’ looks from the previous collection, adding new, highly fashionable outfits for all of the Mane 7! The look of these new fashion dolls inspired the look of the characters seen in the upcoming My Little Pony: Equestria Girls series. The new Equestria Girls fashion dolls line will be available for purchase in the U.S. in December 2017 and globally beginning in January 2018.

Check out a trailer below.


Big Updates for Kabam’s Transformers: Forged to Fight Game

Kabam has released V4.0 of their popular mobile game Transformers: Forged To Fight. This newest update advances the story and adds new features and powers to the game.  Keep reading for the full details!


Act 3, Chapter 3 is now unlocked! 

 Megatron’s rise to power culminates in this chapter as the Scientist struggles to prove his value to his crazed leader. The Scientist offers his latest creations, further enhancing Megatron’s Sharkticons and legion of Transformers to carry out his maniacal ambitions. Can the Commander and his allies remove this terrible foe? Maybe with the help of some new allies…


10 new powerful Masteries are now available!

Offensive Masteries:

  • Glass Cannon: Increases the Attack Rating of all your Bots, but lowers their maximum Health
  • Double Edge: Increases the Attack Rating of all your Bots, but they suffer a Bleed Debuff every fight
  • Despair: Enemies Repair less Health for each Debuff they’re suffering from
  • Suppression: Enemies suffering Stun trigger fewer abilities and Repair less Health
  • Stupefy: When your Bots inflict Stun, it lasts longer
  • Deep Wounds: When your Bots inflict Bleed Debuffs, they last longer and deal extra damage

Defensive Masteries:

  • Bleed Resistance: Any Bleed Damage your Bots would take is reduced
  • Shock Resistance: Any Shock Damage your Bots would take, such as Shock Debuffs, is reduced
  • Silica Plating: Any Heat Damage your Bots would take, such as Burn Debuffs, is reduced
  • Inhibitor: Enemies suffering from Shock or Stun generate less Power

New Features!

  • Awakening Programs have been added, providing a way to activate a Bot signature ability without duplicating it
  • Signature Upgrades have been added, allowing the upgrading of a signature ability of an already awakened Bot

Improvements & Fixes

  • Bot statistics that increase from Upgrading and Forging are showcased more clearly
  • Alliance Missions will initially provide a recommended Map and Difficulty based on your Alliance
  • Editing the Alliance objective or description now supports changing the existing text
  • Tapping on a Relic during a raid will display additional information about it
  • Added a setting to refresh ‘don’t show again’ popups
  • The Fight menu has been updated to better showcase relevant Missions
  • The spark inventory now default sorts by class, and has new filter options for Mod and Alpha sparks
  • The Daily mission banner will update to showcase the relevant class each day
  • Tapping a player’s name on the Raid leaderboard will display their Commander profile
  • Clarification for what fight round of an Arena series you are in
  • Crashing during loading into Raids or Mission fights will no longer apply a health penalty
  • Fixed an issue that caused extra Bots from appearing in combat
  • Fixed a delay when Ramjet fires his Special 1 attack, along with other related delays
  • Crash fixes and optimizations

Funko Announces 8-bit TMNT and Horror Pop!s

Funko keeps on showing the versatility of the Pop! format with the introduction of ‘8-bit’ Pop!s. Designed to look similar to 3D versions of classic video game sprites, this new Pop! line is kicking off with the TMNT and several horror icons.  These will all be released in January.

The 8-bit Turtles will include each of the four turtles, Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Raphael. The horror series will include Freddy, Jason and an Alien. Look for NES version of Freddy and Jason exclusive to GameStop and a bloody Alien exclusive to Previews.


Power Rangers + Hyper RPG Announce Official Tabletop Role-Playing Game on Twitch

In celebration of Saban’s Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary, Saban Brands and Hyper RPG announce today Power Rangers HyperForce, the first licensed property to offer an official interactive, tabletop role-playing game (RPG), streaming live on Hyper RPG, an industry leading channel on Twitch, the world’s leading social video service and community.

The Power Rangers HyperForce show will premiere with a morphinominal cast on Tuesday,October 24, 2017 from 6 p.m. PT – 9 p.m. PT and live on Airing weekly, each of the 25 episodes for the 25 th anniversary celebration will provide three hours of tabletop role playing and real-time interaction with the franchise’s dedicated, global fan base.

Developed by Saban Brands and Hyper RPG, Power Rangers HyperForce is set in the year 3016 at the Time Force Academy. A team of Time Force Ranger cadets must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scotts, and with the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way. The stakes have never been higher as the players learn what it means to be a Ranger in a live, tabletop RPG environment where anything can happen.

Hyper RPG has developed a Twitch Extension that will allow viewers to select a Ranger that is permanently tied to the user’s unique ID. Viewers will be able to send their Ranger out on daily
missions, boss battles, and raids, as well as trade cool loot with other players. As viewers level up their Ranger, avatars will unlock energy that can be gifted to the players live on screen. Truly interactive, the show’s viewers can be the final push that gives a player on screen the help they need in the fight against evil to save the world!

The Power Rangers RPG game cast includes Peter Sudarso (the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel,) Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” (Power Rangers Superfan and popular content creator), Meghan Camarena (popular social media personality, Strawburry17), Paulie Schrier (fan-favorite “Bulk” in Power Rangers) and Cristina Vee (actress and social media personality). Throughout the series, special guests will join the cast including Erin Cahill (Pink Ranger, Power Rangers Time Force) for the premiere episode.

Earlier this year in promotion of 2017’s feature film with Lionsgate, Twitch ran a seventeen-day long Power Rangers marathon on its Twitch Presents channel and streamed all 23 seasons and
831 episodes of the television series. This was one of Twitch’s most successful campaigns to date with nearly 13MM channel views and 7.4MM chat messages. Based on the success of this
digital initiative, Power Rangers, Hyper RPG and Twitch are teaming up as part of the Power Rangers’ year-long celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Created by Haim Saban and launched in 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers quickly became a pop culture phenomenon. Today, Power Rangers is one of the longest running kids live-action series in television history. The series, currently in its 24th season with Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and subsequent movies, including 2017’s feature film with Lionsgate, follows the adventures of a group of ordinary teens who morph into superheroes and save the world from evil. Power Rangers currently airs in 150 markets around the world and is translated into numerous languages.

“Following Power Rangers’ successful marathon on Twitch, we are combining forces with the industry leading team at Hyper RPG to bring Power Rangers fans a tabletop role-playing game
experience like never before,” said Janet Hsu, CEO at Saban Brands. “We are overwhelmingly excited to bring a new Power Rangers story live to Twitch. We are putting everything we have learned in the last three years of livestreaming tabletop RPGs into this, it’s literally the coolest thing we have ever had the pleasure to work on!” said Zac Eubank, CEO at Hyper RPG.

For more information, visit and

New This Week from Diamond Select Toys: Spidey, Ghostbusters & Beetlejuice

It’s New Toy Day at comic shops across North America, and this week, Diamond Select Toys is shipping in a plethora of new products, all of which are exclusively available at comic shops and specialty retailers! Read on for info about products from Alien: Covenant, Wonder Woman, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice and Spider-Man Homecoming, and reserve your favorites at your local comic shop! Or order through your favorite online retailer!

Alien: Covenant Movie Vinimates Xenomorph Vinyl Figure
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Witness the creation of fear! As the whole world braces itself for Alien: Covenant, DST prepares to unleash the top-secret new Xenomorph on their Vinimates vinyl figure line! This 4-inch vinyl figure is based on the new creature design in the new prequel film, and features an articulated neck for further posing options. Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #MAY172518, SRP: $9.99)

Beetlejuice Movie Minimates Box Set
A Diamond Select Toys Release! It’s a box set for the recently deceased! The four main characters of Tim Burton’s hit comedy Beetlejuice — Lydia Dietz, Adam and Barbara Maitland, and Beetlejuice himself — gather together for this four-pack of Minimates mini-figures! Each 2-inch figure features 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts, including bonus parts for Beetle, Barbara and Adam to transform them into their scariest house-haunting looks. The set comes packaged in a full-color blister card. (Item #JUN172635, SRP: $24.99)

Ghostbusters Movie Vinimates Vinyl Figures
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Anyone seen a ghost? The Ghostbusters Vinimates line continues with three new 4-inch vinyl figures, featuring the creatures of the classic 1984 movie! Blocky renditions of Mr. Stay-Puft, Slimer and Gozer will expand your Vinimates collection and give the Boys in Beige someone to battle! Sculpted in poses straight from the movie, Mr. Stay-Puft and Gozer each feature articulated necks for further customization. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box. 
Ghostbusters Movie Vinimates Mr. Stay-Puft Vinyl Figure (Item #MAY172515, SRP: $9.99)
Ghostbusters Movie Vinimates Slimer Vinyl Figure (Item #MAY172516, SRP: $9.99)
Ghostbusters Movie Vinimates Gozer Vinyl Figure (Item #MAY172517, SRP: $9.99)

Marvel Gallery Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Movie Gamora and Rocket PVC Diorama 
A Diamond Select Toys release! The Marvel Gallery line is blasting off into outer space! Three new PVC Dioramas capture the space-faring cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the latest blockbuster entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Star-Lord with his jet-pack, Gamora with Rocket, and Drax with Groot each measure approximately 9-11 inches tall with highly detailed sculpting and paint applications. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Rocco Tartamella!Coming soon: Star-Lord and Drax/Groot! (Item #MAY172525, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Select Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Action Figure 
The most highly anticipated Spider-Man film of all time is here, and this new Marvel Select action figure captures the excitement of the new movie! After his eye-opening appearance in Captain America: Civil War, making a figure of Spidey for Spider-Man: Homecoming was a no-brainer, and this 7” figure features 16 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts. Packaged in the display-ready Select figure packaging, with side panel artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item # FEB172613, SRP: $24.99)

Wonder Woman Movie Vinimates Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The Vinimates vinyl figure line explodes into the DC Comics cinematic universe with two vinyl figures based on the Wonder Woman movie! With one figure depicting Diana in her training gear, and one in her full Wonder Woman outfit, these two figures will kick off a line that will eventually unite the entire Justice League! Each 4-inch vinyl figure is sculpted in a pose straight from the movies, with an articulated neck to customize each pose. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box. (Item # APR172646, SRP: $9.99)
Also Available: Themiscyra Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure (Item # APR172647, SRP: $9.99)

Funko Releasing Sixth Series of WWE Pop!s

Funko today announced the sixth series of WWE Pop!s which are set for release this winter. This upcoming series includes Braun Strowman, a retro version of The Rock (eyebrow raise and all), “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon and Alexa Bliss. There are also 1:6 chase version of both The Rock and Razor Ramon.

Check these out below and find them in stores soon.

New Krampus 5″ Dunny by Scott Tolleson Available from

Kidrobot is here to bring some holiday un-cheer with a production run of the Krampus 5” Dunny by Scott Tolleson. Based on the 2016 DTA Dunny Show custom piece by Scott Tolleson and SeriouslySillyK, the Krampus 5-inch Dunny comes in two colors: the black color (limited to 800 pieces worldwide) and the exclusive blue color (limited to 200 pieces worldwide). Collect both versions of St. Nick’s dark companion the Krampus 5” Dunny by Scott Tolleson and stay on the naughty list.


This Saturday: Campbell Con Returns to South Bay for Its Third Year

Campbell Con, Campbell’s very own comic and pop culture convention, returns to the Campbell Community Center, for its third annual show with exclusive celebrity appearances and more fun things to do for both kids and adults.

This year’s show features an exclusive Ghostbusters reunion with the people behind some of the most iconic movie creatures. Mark Bryan Wilson who played the original Slimer in Ghostbusters (1984), Robin Shelby best known as Slimer in Ghostbusters II and Lady Slimer in Ghostbusters (2016), and William Bryan who played The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters (1984), are set to appear as special guests to meet fans for autographs and photo-ops, as well as share their experience at a special Ghostbusters panel.

Another rare opportunity will be meeting Marvel legend Don McGregor. McGregor has become one of the foremost writers in comic books today. He began his comic writing career in 1969, creating his own series ‘Detectives Inc’. After working as a proofreader, and eventually editor on several of ‘Marvel Comics B&W’ line of comic/magazines, he was assigned to write the ‘Black Panther’ in Marvel’s ‘Jungle Action” comics. The “Panther’s Rage” series was the first mainstream comic to have an essentially all-black cast of comics, in 1973. Before that, the few comics that did have black leads were normally surrounded by a white supporting cast.

Also appearing at Campbell Con are actors Beverly Washburn (Star Trek, Superman and The Mole Men, The Greatest Show On Earth, The Lone Ranger, The Loretta Young Show, Leave It To Beaver, The Streets of San Francisco), Mike Ginn (Power Rangers RPM), Deborah Estelle Philips (Power Rangers Time Force), and renowned comic book artists Chris Marrinan (Excalibur, Wonder Woman, Nova), John Heebink (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD), Ethen Beavers (Batman the Brave and the Bold, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clone Wars Adventures and Indiana Jones Adventures), and Tobe Daranouvong (Villain Comic).

The convention also features local artists, comic books and toy vendors, cosplayers, celebrity panels, Jurassic Park Jeep and Ecto SF, cosplay contest with a cash prize, video games, Streetfighter tournament, laser tag, racing simulator, facepainting and trick-or-treat for kids.

Campbell Con open 10 am to 5 pm October 21st at the Campbell Community Center in Campbell, CA. Tickets are $11 (or Family Pack of 4 tickets for $35) and available online only at Single tickets can be also purchased at Heroes Comic Books in Campbell and Legends Comics in Santa Clara..

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek, DC, Aliens, And More from NYCC

NYCC was a few weeks ago and I’ve still got some pictures from Eaglemoss’ booth to share from the show. In the gallery below you’ll see many of their Star Trek ships, their new DC hero figures, Aliens and more from their display. 
You can see more deails at

And thank you to Jon from for his NYCC coverage for AwesomeToyBlog.

Target and Netflix Team Up And Offer Special ‘Stranger Things’ Merchandise


With Stranger Things frenzy in full effect ahead of the Stranger Things 2 premiere on October 27, Target and Netflix have announced the perfect one-stop-shop for fans to stock up on fun and exclusive products as they prepare for season two. With exclusive apparel, accessories and housewares inspired by the show coming to Target on October 15, these Stranger Things products kick off a unique partnership with Target and Netflix to create epic, exclusive items inspired by Netflix-original shows.

Looking for the perfect lounge-wear for your season two binging?  Target has you covered with exclusive Stranger Things apparel for men and women. Having hot chocolate while watching your favorite Netflix show or washing down your Eggos with some milk? The collection features mugs and glass tumblers with your favorite characters. Target will also carry the popular action figures and Funko! Pop character toys. And for anyone that needs an introduction or refresher to the Stranger Things gang, Target will exclusively carry a Blu Ray/DVD set of Season 1 coming out October 17, including retro-inspired packaging.

To check out more information on the Stranger Things products coming to Target, you can visit A Bullseye View


DC Collectibles Announce Batman Black & White Action Figures and June 2018 Line-Up

DC Collectibles is gearing up for a fun-filled June 2018 stocked with enough new statues, action figures and collectibles to please both DC’s most dedicated fans and those just starting out with their collections. Headlining DC Collectibles’ June releases is an all-new Batman Black & White action figure line based on the company’s bestselling statue line of the same name. The moveable 6.75’’ action figures will debut alongside the first wave of DC Artists Alley designer vinyls that will now feature three new black and white variants. DC Collectibles will also release a stunning 12’’ statue based on the critically acclaimed DARK NIGHTS: METAL comic book series and new additions to its Harley Quinn: Red, White & Blackand DC Gallery lines.

After 75+ statues and counting, DC Collectibles is transforming its longest running and most popular line of Batman Black and White statues into highly detailed, articulated 6.75’’ action figures. The first wave debuts in June 2018 and stars Jim Lee’s Batman from BATMAN: HUSH, Greg Capullo’s Batman from BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY and Batman from the Super Hero’s first appearance in DETECTIVE COMICS #27.

DC Collectibles will also add three black and white variants to its first wave of DC Artists Alley designer vinyls that features the popular art style of Chris Uminga. Announced earlier this year, the upcoming DC Artists Alley line celebrates offbeat artists and allows them to put their unique spin on DC’s most popular characters. The first wave of figures, including the newly announced variants, showcase Uminga’s take on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

DC Collectibles is also bringing to life the gruesome, axe-wielding Batman from Greg Capullo’s DARK NIGHTS METAL #1 variant cover as a 12’’ DC Designer Series statue. This original take on Batman will be joined by a new Harley Quinn: Red, White and Black statue by Jae Lee and a life-size replica of The Joker cane. The cane features an intricately designed Joker-themed handle and is an accessory sure to enhance your swagger.

For full details on all June 2018 releases, see below solicitation information:

Batman Black & White Action Figures:

  • Wave 1 – Batman from BATMAN: HUSH by Jim Lee, Batman from BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY by Greg Capullo; First Appearance Batman from DETECTIVE COMICS #27 by Bob Kane
  • MSRP: $30.00
  • Scale: 1:11/6.75’’

DC Artists Alley Designer Vinyls:

  • Wave 1: Chris Uminga – Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman
  • MSRP: $40.00
  • Scale: 1:11/6.75’’

DC Designer Series Statues:

  • Metal Batman by Greg Capullo
  • MSRP: $150.00
  • Scale: 1:6/12’’

DC Gallery

  • The Joker Cane Prop
  • MSRP: $125.00
  • Scale: Life-size/42.5’’

Harley Quinn: Red, White & Black Statues:

  • Harley Quinn by Jae Lee
  • MSRP: $80.00
  • Scale: 1:10/7.5’’
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