Funko Returns to the Walking Dead For New Pop!s and Fabrikation

funko logoFunko’s returning to the Walking Dead for an all new set of Pop! vinyl figures. This time around they are releasing new version of Rick Grimes, Michonne in her constable uniform, Morgan and Abraham. These Pop!s will be available in November.
Daryl isn’t being left out of the party, though – he’s being released as a new Fabrikations in October! Check this, and all the new Pop!s out below.

Lego Announces New Theme at NYCC – LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS

lego logoNYCC kicked off this morning and LEGO kicked off the event in style, announcing an all new LEGO property. LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS takes place on a futuristic world in a medieval kingdom where five young knights “download” special powers to battle the royal court’s evil Jestro and a slew of monsters.

This new LEGO theme launches next year with an episodic TV show, a gaming app and, of course, a bunch (14!) of new construction sets.

Check out a few preview pictures below!

70316_Jestro's Evil Mobile 70317_The Fortrex

Hasbro’s Pre-NYCC Marvel Reveals – Both 6″ and 3 3/4″

marvel_logoOf course the Marvel brand wasn’t left out of the Hasbro pre-NYCC party! The biggest news is a branding update for the 3 3/4″ figures, they’ll be joining the Marvel Legends family – putting both scales of figures under the same naming umbrella (similar to Star Wars’ Black Series for both 6″ and 3 3/4″ figures).

New 6″ figures on display included a 90’s Rogue, Whirlwind, Cottonmouth, Scourge and Sharon Carter.

New 3 3/4″ figures include Captain Marvel, a classic Iron Man, Spider-Man Noir, Triton, Ulik and Yondu.

Check these all out in the gallery below!

Hasbro’s Pre-NYCC Star Wars Reveals

starwarsAt their pre-NYCC party, Hasbro had a number of new Star Wars toys on display – including a number of new reveals for their Star Wars: The Force Awakens line.

The Micro Machines and Titanium scale vehicle lines have a number of new debuts with all eras of Star Wars represented – original trilogy, prequels, Star Wars Rebels and Episode 7.

On the figure front new 6″ figures were revealed of General Hux, the Resistance Trooper, Snowtrooper, an X-Wing Pilot and a TIE pilot.

Check out images of all these new toys below – and look for them in stores later this fall.

Hasbro Reveals Transformers TITAN WARS at NYCC Pre-Party

transformersNew York Comic Con is about to kick off and Hasbro held their annual night before party where they showcased and revealed a number of new toys. The Transformers brand had a particualarly strong showing with the debut of TITAN WARS. I wasn’t there, but I do have Hasbro’s official images and descriptions of the different classes of toys. Check them out below!

In addition to the new TITAN WARS toys, there’s a number of new Robots in Disguise figures included as well.

TITAN  MASTERS The  Transformers  battle  explodes  into  uncharted  territory  when  the  Titans   Return!  To  control  an  ancient  race  of  giant,  city-­‐sized  warriors-­‐-­‐Titans-­‐-­‐the   Transformers  must  harness  the  power  of  Titan  Masters,  smaller  bots  that  give   bigger  bots  enhanced  abilities  in  battle. Every  Titan  Master  figure  can  become   the  head  for  any  Deluxe  Class,  Voyager  Class,  or  Leader  Class  Titans  Return  figure.   Choose  from  Autobot  and  Decepticon  Titan  Master  characters,  unite  them  with   other  figures,  and  imagine  they’re  powering  up  for  battle!  Each  Titan  Master   figure  converts  from  robot  to  head  mode  and  back  in  1  step.  They  come  with  a   mini  vehicle  or  mini  beast  that  converts  to  a  weapon  for  Titans  Return  Deluxe,   Voyager,  or  Leader  Class  figures.  Additional  figures  are  each  sold  separately.   Subject  to  availability.
LEGENDS The  Transformers  battle  explodes  into  uncharted  territory  when  the  Titans   Return!  To  control  an  ancient  race  of  giant,  city-­‐sized  warriors-­‐-­‐Titans-­‐-­‐the   Transformers  must  harness  the  power  of  Titan  Masters,  smaller  bots  that  give   bigger  bots  enhanced  abilities  in  battle.  Titans  Return  Legends  Class  figures   deliver  exciting  Transformers  conversion  in  a  smaller  scale.  Most  Titans  Return   Legends  Class  figures  are  Triple  Changers  that  convert  from  robot  to  spy  tablet  to   beast  mode.  In  spy  tablet  mode,  Triple  Changers  Legends  Class  figures  work  with   Titans  Return  Leader  Class  Autobot  Blaster  figures.  Additional  figures  are  each   sold  separately.  Subject  to  availability.  Also  includes  a  collectible  character  card.
DELUXE The  Transformers  battle  explodes  into  uncharted  territory  when  the  Titans   Return!  To  control  an  ancient  race  of  giant,  city-­‐sized  warriors-­‐-­‐Titans-­‐-­‐the   Transformers  must  harness  the  power  of  Titan  Masters,  smaller  bots  that  give   bigger  bots  enhanced  abilities  in  battle. Every  Titan  Master  figure  can  become   the  head  for  any  Deluxe  Class,  Voyager  Class,  or  Leader  Class  Titans  Return  figure.   Choose  from  Autobot  and  Decepticon  Titan  Master  characters,  unite  them  with   other  figures,  and  imagine  they’re  powering  up  for  battle!  Each  Titans  Return   Deluxe  Class  figure  comes  with  a  Titan  Master  figure.  The  Titan  Master  figure   becomes  the  head  of  Deluxe  Class  figure.  When  the  Deluxe  Class  figure  is  in   vehicle  mode,  the  Titan  Master  figure  fits  inside.  Also  includes  individual   accessories  and  collectible  character  card.  Additional  figures  are  each  sold   separately.  Subject  to  availability.
VOYAGER The  Transformers  battle  explodes  into  uncharted  territory  when  the  Titans   Return!  To  control  an  ancient  race  of  giant,  city-­‐sized  warriors-­‐-­‐Titans-­‐-­‐the   Transformers  must  harness  the  power  of  Titan  Masters,  smaller  bots  that  give   bigger  bots  enhanced  abilities  in  battle. Every  Titan  Master  figure  can  become   the  head  for  any  Deluxe  Class,  Voyager  Class,  or  Leader  Class  Titans  Return  figure.   Choose  from  Autobot  and  Decepticon  Titan  Master  characters,  unite  them  with   other  figures,  and  imagine  they’re  powering  up  for  battle!  Each  Titans  Return   Voyager  Class  figure  comes  with  a  Titan  Master  figure.  The  Titan  Master  figure   becomes  the  head  of  Voyager  Class  figure.  When  the  Voyager  Class  figure  is  in   vehicle  mode,  the  Titan  Master  figure  fits  inside.  Each  Voyager  scale  figure  is  also   a  triple  changer.  Includes  individual  accessories  and  collectible  character  card.   Additional  figures  are  each  sold  separately.  Subject  to  availability.
LEADER The  Transformers  battle  explodes  into  uncharted  territory  when  the  Titans   Return!  To  control  an  ancient  race  of  giant,  city-­‐sized  warriors-­‐-­‐Titans-­‐-­‐the   Transformers  must  harness  the  power  of  Titan  Masters,  smaller  bots  that  give   bigger  bots  enhanced  abilities  in  battle. Every  Titan  Master  figure  can  become   the  head  for  any  Deluxe  Class,  Voyager  Class,  or  Leader  Class  Titans  Return  figure.   Choose  from  Autobot  and  Decepticon  Titan  Master  characters,  unite  them  with   other  figures,  and  imagine  they’re  powering  up  for  battle!  Each  Titans  Return   Leader  Class  figure  comes  with  a  Titan  Master  figure.  The  Titan  Master  figure   becomes  the  head  of  Leader  figure.  When  the  Leader  Class  figure  is  in  vehicle   mode,  the  Titan  Master  figure  fits  inside.  Each  Titans  Return  Leader  Class  figure   also  features  three  modes!  These  Triple  Changers  convert  between  robot,   vehicle,  and  city  modes.  Also  includes  individual  accessories  and  collectible   character  card.  Additional  figures  are  each  sold  separately.  Subject  to  availability.

Lego Ideas Doctor Who Set Fully Revealed – Available in December

Doctor Who logoMuch earlier in the year, Lego announced that they chose a Doctor Who set for production from their Lego Ideas program. Earlier this week they revealed the final set which includes a TARDIS which folds out as part of the console room and includes the 11th and 12th Doctors, Clara and a few Daleks. This set will be available in December, just in time to fill up some space under the Christmas trees of Whovians everywhere. Check out a few pics in the gallery below.

BBC Home Entertainment Announces Doctor Who: Christmas Specials Gift Set & Dinosaurs DVD Set

Doctor Who logoBBC Home Entertainment have announced some new gift sets that will send your whole family on an adventure through time and space.  Whovians will enjoy a collection of all the modern era Christmas specials, on both Blu-Ray and DVD on November 24th. And you won’t need a TARDIS to visit the prehistoric era with the Limited Edition Dinosaurs DVD gift set available November 17th. Complete details on these sets are below!


Street Date: November 24, 2015

Suggested Retail Price: DVD $50.82 ($57.99 in Canada)

BD $57.98 ($63.99 in Canada)

Length: Approx. 692 mins + bonus features / 4-disc set (DVD) / 3-disc set (BD)

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Doctor, and now for the first time every Christmas special is available in one complete set. David Tennant (Broadchurch), Matt Smith (Terminator Genisys), and Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It) all take turns starring in a collection of exhilarating specials that set the Doctor rushing to save the world from a wide array of dastardly foes, including robot Santas, exploding Christmas trees, and an army of snowmen. The specials include Tennant’s first full episode and the Doctor’s regenerations into Smith and Capaldi. In an exclusive bonus feature, British comedian and upcoming season nine guest star Rufus Hound embarks on a mission to discover what makes a Doctor Who Christmas Special so, well…special. From juggling tangerines to meeting a guest star from The Time of the Doctor, Hound journeys through Christmases past to showcase many of the greatest moments and monsters of the holiday season. This bonus feature also includes personal reflections from current Doctor Peter Capaldi and writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. The gift set comes with a replica of the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.


Street Date: November 17, 2015

Suggested Retail Price: DVD $42.84 ($51.99 in Canada)

Length: Approx. 270 mins + bonus material / 3-disc set

Travel back to prehistoric times and experience the wonders of ancient Earth with a collection of three dinosaur films from BBC Home Entertainment.

Chased by Dinosaurs is a monstrous, Emmy® Award winning triple feature from the creators of Walking with Dinosaurs that takes viewers around the world and brings the lizards of the past to life. Journey back to the sand dunes of Mesozoic Mongolia and discover the therizinosaurus, a gigantic dinosaur with enormous 28-inch claws in The Giant Claw; travel to South America’s Patagonia and see the animal kingdom’s most awesome hunt in Land of Giants; and go back 150 million years in a stunning recreation of the life of “Big Al,” the dinosaur whose complete fossil skeleton was discovered in Wyoming in Allosaurus. Bonus material includes “Big Al Uncovered,” a 30-minute look at the science behind Allosaurus.

Extreme Dinosaurs is a dino double feature that will challenge a number of the previous perceptions of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In Extreme Dinosaurs, accompany Paleontologist Dr. Philip Currie as he searches for evidence of a fiercer predator than the T-Rex – the Argentinosaurus, a six-ton flesh-eating dinosaur; and in T-Rex: Warrior or Wimp, watch as the T-Rex’s reputation as the meanest, most bewitching dinosaur comes into question.

Predator Dinosaurs uses innovative techniques through biomechanics, CGI, special effects and hi-tech scans to provide an insightful look at dinosaurs and challenge theories about the prehistoric world.

The giftset includes a viewfinder full of 3D dinosaur images and instructions on how to upload new images to create your own 3D viewfinder reels.

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of ‘Toy Story’ With All New Funko Pop! Vinyl

POP LOGO“Toy Story” is turning 20, and to celebrate Funko is release four all new Pop!s from the Disney Pixar classic. Featuring the characters in all new poses, the four Pop!s are Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Hamm and Rex. Each of these will be available in December – check them out below. Offer NYCC Exclusive Supernatural Pop! Vinyl 3 Pack

NYCC LogoNew York Comic Con is at the end of this week and has a cool Pop! vinyl exclusive 3-pack certain to thrill fans of the WB’s Supernatural. The three pack, available in both a standard and metallic version, features Sam, Dean and Crowley with a convention exclusive blood splatter. These are available for pre-order now at the website, $49.99 for the standard edition and $89.99 for the metallic version.
They are also offering a Mechagodzilla Medicom Sofubi figure and a 4″ Four Horsies of the Pocalypse Lil Maddie Gray Mist. You can find those online or at booth #2654 at NYCC.

supernatural pop 3 pack

Check Out Custom Pop! Vinyls from Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Spy’

POP LOGOTo promote the movie “Spy” starring Melissa McCarthy, a series of custom Pop! vinyls were created featuring characters from the movie. Created by Spastic Customs, these will not be available in stores, but they were too cool to not share. Check them out below and the “Spy” Unrated Cut is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

Latest News From DC Collectibles: New Batman v Superman Wonder Women Statue & Animated Series Batmobile Unboxing

DC Logo 2013DC Collectibles has sent over a pair of cool news items – the reveal of an all new Wonder Woman statue from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and an unboxing video of the eagerly anticipated Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile. There’s been buzz around this Batmobile for months – so this video will just leave you itching to get your hands on it below.  Check out the full description and image of the new Wonder Woman statue below and enjoy the Batmobile unboxing video below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Statue: DC Collectibles newest reveal from the upcoming Warner Bros. film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is a new Wonder Woman statue based on Gal Gadot’s portrayl in the film. The 12 inch statue is sculpted by James Marsano and goes on sale in March 2016. The MSRP is $150.00.


IAmElemental Announce NYCC Events, Special Figures

NYCC LogoIAmElemental have announced several special events and exclusive figures for New York Comic Con. IAmElemental, which launched with a hugely successful kickstarter campaign, can be found at NYCC at booth #1760. Their special events planned for the show are:

Saturday, October 10, 1:45-2:45 p.m.: BAM! POW! Create Your Own Superhero: The IAmElemental team will help kids of all ages create superhero characters and lay out a storyboard to start creating their very own comic. (Location: Family HQ – 1C01)
Sunday, October 11, ongoing: HeForShe Day at IAmElemental Booth: IAmElemental will offer events and giveaways in support of UN Women’s HeForShe campaign (, a solidarity movement for gender equality. (Location: Booth #1760)
Sunday, October 11, 1:30-2:30 p.m.: Panel Discussion: Representatives from UN Women and leaders from the film and toy industries including IAmElemental’s Chief Elemental Officer, Julie Kerwin will discuss “A (Wo)man’s World: Closing the Gender Gap in Pop Culture.” (Location: Room 1B03)

Their limited edition figures are:

  • Gold Honesty: IAmElemental’s winged Honesty female action figure will be available in a metallic gold colorway exclusively for New York Comic Con attendees. Attendees can pre-order Gold Honesty at for pick up at the IAmElemental booth.
  • Pink Bravery: In support of breast cancer research, IAmElemental has created a metallic pink colorway of the Bravery female action figure, as well as a set of greeting cards with Bravery-inspired images, designed by female comic book, graphic novel and animation artists. All proceeds from the sale of Pink Bravery and her cards will fund breast cancer research at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, NC. Figures and cards will be available at the IAmElemental booth and on



Icon Heroes Offering Previews Exclusive DC Paper Clips and Card Cases

icon heroes TNIcon Heroes have announced three new additions, all Previews exclusives,  to their successful line of DC comics office supplies. The new products are:

Justice League Paper Clips Set of 40 ($20)
Just like the forces of good that bind the members of the Justice League together in a common purpose, these Justice League Paper Clips – featuring The Flash, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern – are the heroic way to keep things organized in your own Hall of Justice!
Wonder Woman Logo Card Case ($30)
You won’t need a catchy theme song to let people know you’re wearing tights and fighting for their rights… not when you flash them the Wonder Woman Business Card Case! Featuring a glossy finish and emblazoned with Wonder Woman’s iconic sigil, this card case will immediately let the world of men know that you mean business!
Flash TV Logo Card Case ($30)
Let your clients know their assignments will be done in a flash, with The Flash Business Card Case! Featuring a glossy finish and emblazoned with Barry Allen’s iconic sigil, this card case will let everyone know that you may be the fastest man alive!
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