Icon Heroes Debuts Arrow Bookend

icon heroes TNIcon Heroes today announced their newest addition to their growing selection of bookends, Oliver Queen from the hit CW show Arrow. Standing on a clock tower base, the Arrow dons his mask and draws his new bow as seen in Season 2. At 9″ tall and a hefty weight of 3lbs, this polystone bookend is perfect for holding your favorite books, games, movies and more. The Arrow bookend is set for release in Q4 of this year.

Funko Set To Release Game of Thrones Series 5 In April

POP LOGOFollowing on their reveal at Toy Fair, Funko today gave the 5th series of Game of Thrones Pop! vinyls an April release date. Series 5 includes Iron Throne heir Oberyn Martell, The Mountain Who Rides, Wight, and Grey Worm, commander of the Unsullied. In addition to these standard sized Pop!s, this series also contains a 6-inch Pop! of Viserion the white dragon.

Look for these Pop!s to be available for pre-order at all your favorite Funko retailers.

New from Entertainment Earth – Star Wars and RuPaul

EE LogoSome really great product is being posted over at Entertainment Earth. Here’s a rundown of a few items readers of the site may be interested in…

  • Star Wars Black Series 6″ figures wave 9. Available as a case or by singles, this wave includes Leia in Boushh disguise, IG-88 and Clone Commander Cody (2 per case).  Wave 8 with the Emperor, Luke in Stromtrooper disguise, Han in Stormtrooper disguise and Clone Captain was posted earlier this week.
  • Star Wars Mission Series Wave 6 set and case are also posted. This wave includes Rebels Stormtrooper / TIE Pilot, Imperial Cadet Ezra / Kanan, Hera / Stromtrooper Commander and Episode IV Luke / Leia.
  • Bandai’s Star Wars Samurai figures are available for preorder now. This is both the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. These are really unique and different takes on these classic characters. They run about $90 each.
  • This one’s a shared exclusive between Entertainment Earth and Tweeterhead – a RuPaul’s Drag Race RuPaul statue. America’s #1 drag queen becomes a 16 inch statue decked out in her Drag Race gear. This is a must have for fans of Logo’s top show.

rupaul statueSWmissionwave6

samurai vader figure


Slave Leia Pop! Coming Out of the Vault and Into Your Collection

POP LOGOIn the event your collection of Star Wars Pop!s is incomplete, Funko may be coming to your rescue. Each month, in the run up to the release of Episode 7, Funko is re-releasing one retired Star Wars Pop! vinyl. These re-released Pop!s will be in special edition packaging to differentiate them from the original release.

The second Pop! to be re-released under this program is Slave Leia. She’ll be available in April and will have a limited run, so get those pre-orders in (here’s a link for AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth).

slave leia pop star wars vault

Sideshow Opens Hot Toys Hulk Preorders – 2 Versions Available

marvel_logoThis evening Sideshow Toy opened up pre-orders for the Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk figure. The figure is available in two formats, a standard edition ($274.99) and a deluxe edition ($374.99). The deluxe figure includes a second (static) torso that lets your figure make the ‘Hulk Smash!’ pose. The base figure in both editions is the same. One of the preview pics from earlier today is below.

Hot Toys Avengers AoU Hulk 12

Variant Cover Marvel Comic Added To First Marvel Collector Corp Mystery Box

Marvel Collectors Corp LogoThe first Marvel Collector Corp box isn’t set to ship until April, but now we know that Hulkbuster Iron Man will have something to read while he’s making his way to your house. Today Marvel and Funko announced the addition of a variant cover of Guardians Team up Meet the Avengers #1. This book, as obvious by the title, will feature both the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers.

“We are excited to announce the addition of the variant cover to the Avengers box,” says Funko CEO Brian Mariotti.  “This addition proves our promise to provide exclusive and premium product, to the dedicated Marvel fan through Marvel Collector Corps.”

“What a better way to kick off the historic launch of Marvel Collector Corps than with the Avengers AND by throwing in the Guardians of the Galaxy for good measure,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We’re beyond excited to bring this stunning variant cover exclusively to subscribers, uniting the current roster of Avengers with the biggest movie stars of 2014, the Guardians of the Galaxy for an all-new action-packed adventure!”

This debut box will ship in April, for the Marvel Studios release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in theatres May 1, 2015. The Marvel Collector Corps subscription service from Funko is available for $25 per box, and fans can sign-up now at www.collectorcorps.com.

funko variant cover collector corp

Preview Hot Toys Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk

marvel_logoOver on facebook, Hot Toys has previewed their Avengers: Age of Ultron 1:6 scale Hulk figure. Featuring an all new head sculpt, this figure has poseable eyes. Expect pre-orders to go live for this big fella. Check out a few pics below.

Toy Fair 2015 – Funko Pop! Vinyl Official Images

tf15-tnYou’ve seen all the galleries with my own photos of all the cool Funko stuff, now here’s the chance to see all the official Funko photography of the Toy Fair reveals. To make things a little easier, I’ve split these up into a few galleries…up first is everyone’s favorite Pop! vinyl figures. In this gallery you’ll find all the newest reveals from Arrow to The Munsters.

What figures are you looking forward to picking up this year?

MattyCollector Opens Club 200X Subscription

Mattycollector TNAs announced at Toy Fair, MattyCollector has opened the subscription period for Club 200X. This mini-sub offers six figures from the 200X Masters of the Universe animated series as well as the club exclusive 200X head pack. The six figures in the subscription (priced at $26 each) are Callix, Evil Seed, King Chooblah, Ceratus, Queen Grayskull and Prahvus. Subscription to Club 200X will also enable early access to non-subscription products across all the brands.

Club 200X subscriptions will remain available until Monday March 23rd at 11:59PM. You can sign up here.

Callix_fullsizeimage01 Ceratus_fullsizeimage01 EvilSeed_fullsizeimage01

Vinyl Sugar Welcome the First Vinyl Vixens In March

vinyl sugar iconThese lovely ladies made their official debut at Toy Fair, and now Vinyl Sugar have announced a March ship date for the first Vinyl Vixens. All from the Bat-verse, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy stand 9″ talls and can be removed from their base. AwesomeToyBlog sponsor Entertainment Earth has these for pre-order (Harley, Catwoman, Poison) for just $29.99. If you’re not a fan of the Batman universe stay tuned as more Vinyl Vixens will be announced soon!

Vinyl Vixens Catwoman Vinyl Vixens Harley Vinyl Vixes Poison Ivy

Toy Fair 2015 – McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Construction Kit Press Pictures


The Walking Dead construction sets from McFarlane toys were very impressive – their display was insane. Here are official pictures of the sets and a few relevant details. Enjoy!

Walker Barrier

  • Includes two stake barriers.
  • Contains two male herd walkers and one female walker
  • Two walkers can be impaled on barrier spikes
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints

Atlanta Hospital Doors

  • Contains Rick Grimes in his hospital gown and Hospital Corpse Body
  • Includes cafeteria doors, debris and partial hospital hallway

Boiler Room

  • 158 pieces
  • Includes boiler, piping and valves, workshop bench and accessories, including the legendary phone
  • Contains Rick Grimes and Gorged Walker figures
  • Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock onto building set pieces
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints

Prison Catwalk

  • 352 pieces
  • Includes two set of stairs, sliding cell doors, and collapsible flooring
  • Set is modular and combinable with the upper and lower Prison Cell
  • Contains Hershel and Respiratory Walker figures
  • Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock onto building set pieces
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints

Prison Cells

  • Includes 100 pieces
  • Includes a 3-sided cell with functioning cell door, partial catwalk, a toilet, sink, cot with
    sheet, and table with character-themed accessories
  • Lower Prison Cell includes either Carl Grimes or Patrick Walker
  • Upper Prison Cell includes either Carol or Flu Walker
  • Modular set that combines with additional Prison Cell building sets

Dale’s RV

  • 484 prices
  • Functioning wheels and door with mosquito screen, two folding chairs (one with umbrella)
  • Dale with binoculars, along with RV and Feasting Walker figures
  • Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock onto building set pieces
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints

Woodbury Assault Vehicle

  • 372 pieces
  • Functioning wheels, door, walker net and crane
  • Detailed accents such as mud flaps and wood paneling
  • Contains Shumpert figure and netted Walker figures. Each figure has foot “c” clamp to lock
    onto building set pieces
  • Figures feature articulation at main joints

Toy Fair 2015 – DC Collectible Press Pics

tf15-tnToy fair may have been a week ago, but there’s still a few things in the queue to get posted. One of the things I’m most excited to share are the official images from DC Collectibles. They have an impressive slate of products on the way and here’s your chance to see their official shots. And I’ll use any excuse to post pics of those upcoming Batman: The Animated Series and the DC Comics: Icon figures.

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