Heroscape Wave 2 Coming in October 2024

Renegade Game Studios, in collaboration with Avalon Hill and Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated pre-orders for Wave 2 of HEROSCAPE in 2024! Building upon the success of Wave 1, this new wave introduces six distinct items, each designed to enhance and diversify the HEROSCAPE gaming experience.

HEROSCAPE remains a beloved miniature game, celebrated for its innovative and accessible gameplay. Players can delve into strategic battles with basic and master game modes, dual-sided cards for miniatures, and the renowned interlocking and stackable 3D terrain system. With Wave 2, fans can look forward to even more detailed miniatures and terrain options that promise to enrich their adventures in Valhalla.

Wave 2 Pre-Orders Include:

  • Revna’s Rebuke: Kyrie Warrior Army Expansion: This expansion introduces five new imposing Kyrie Warrior characters – each with their own highly detailed, fully assembled miniatures. These are available as unpainted miniatures with a paint wash or in a fully painted version (shown below).
  • Revna’s Rebuke: Iron Lich Viscerot and Necrotech Wraithriders Army Expansion: Command the formidable forces of Iron Lich Viscerot and the Necrotech Wraithriders! This expansion introduces a new species – the Eisenek! The expansion contains four new highly detailed, fully assembled miniatures. These are available as unpainted miniatures with a paint wash or in a fully painted version (shown below)
  • Lands of Valhalla Terrain Expansion: The second entry into the HEROSCAPE Terrain System line, the Lands of Valhalla Terrain Expansion allows players to expand their battlefield with an abundance of additional terrain! This set includes 63 terrain tiles of various hex-configurations, including never-before-seen 24-hex sand terrain pieces, allowing for endless customization and new tactical possibilities.

4. Waters of Valhalla Terrain Expansion: What is land without some water? The Waters of Valhalla Terrain Expansion contains 35 individual water tiles, including special Wellspring Water tiles and never-before-seen three-hex water tiles! Players will be able to expand their battlefields like never before!

“The response we’ve seen to the revival of HEROSCAPE thus far has been overwhelming. We are excited and honored to continue offering content, providing players with even more options to expand and enhance their HEROSCAPE experience,” said Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher at Renegade Game Studios. “Each expansion from Wave 2 offers unique elements, ensuring endless hours of fun and storytelling in the ever-evolving world of Valhalla.”

“Thanks to our innovative partners at Renegade Game Studios, the first wave of HEROSCAPE has been a massive success,” said Bradley Bowman, Senior Director, Global Toys at Hasbro. “We’re looking forward to building upon the excitement with our wave two launch this year. Through these brand-new miniature offerings, we can expand and diversify the unique gaming experience that HEROSCAPE has brought to fans everywhere for 20 years. We cannot wait for players to get their hands on these new characters, battlefields and more to enhance their adventures in Valhalla.”

Pre-orders for HEROSCAPE Wave 2 are available now at www.HEROSCAPE.com, Hasbro Pulse, and participating retailers. You can check out the store locator to see confirmed retail partners who will carry HEROSCAPE at launch, starting with Wave 1 release on August 29! Don’t miss your chance to expand your collection and prepare for epic battles in Valhalla!

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