First Heroscape Pre-Orders for 2024 Now Available: Age of Annihilation Master Set and Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box

Renegade Game Studios and leading toy and game company Hasbro are proud to announce the highly-anticipated opening of pre-orders for the first wave of Heroscape in 2024! Heroscape, renowned for its innovative and accessible gameplay, invites players into a realm where imagination meets strategy. This pre-order wave unveils not one, but five distinct items, each offering a unique facet of this captivating gaming experience. Pre-orders are open now at,, and other fine retailers.

Heroscape offers one of the most accessible miniature game experiences of all time, featuring basic and master game modes, dual-sided cards for miniatures, and an innovative interlocking and stackable 3D terrain system that allows for endless map-building possibilities! Highly detailed miniatures and customizable terrain ensure instant immersion into your first battles, allowing you to jump right into play! Your armies await your command!

The Five Pre-Orders Include:

1. Age of Annihilation Master Set: The Age of Annihilation Heroscape Master Set is a must-have addition to the Heroscape player’s collection! It contains 20 highly detailed, fully assembled unpainted miniatures with a paint wash. Plus nine gameplay scenarios, customizable wall terrain, and 330 hexes worth of interlocking customizable terrain in pre-configured sizes across 94 tiles! The Age of Annihilation Master Set is perfect for both newcomers and players of yesteryear. It is also fully compatible with previous and upcoming Heroscape releases.

2. Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box: The Battle Box is the perfect jumping on point for players new to Heroscape, offering an entry point to the game at a lower price point. Though these will strongly appeal to new players, there is just as much value for existing fans! This Battle Box contains six highly detailed, fully assembled unpainted miniatures with a paint wash, exclusive to this Battle Box. Also included are brand-new Wellspring Water terrain tiles, 104 hexes worth of interlocking customizable terrain in pre-configured sizes across 31 tiles, and four unique gameplay scenarios!

3. The Grove at Laur’s Edge Terrain Pack: This Terrain Box is the first of many coming terrain box expansions for the Heroscape Terrain System line! This box includes three interlocking Laur jungle trees and six Laur underbrush pieces to elevate your next battlefield. The three Laur jungle trees will be a large and imposing addition to battlemaps, coming in at 13.6cm, 14.6cm, and 15.5cm tall. The underbrush also has a significant presence at 11.2cm tall! This terrain pack, along with upcoming releases, will be backwards compatible with previous Heroscape content. Fans of the older sets can purchase these terrain packs to further enhance their gameplay and replace any broken or missing tiles.

4. Age of Annihilation Master Set Premium Painted Edition: This version will include the same contents as the standard Age of Annihilation Master Set, but with twenty fully assembled premium painted miniatures!

5. Battle for the Wellspring Premium Painted Edition: Another premium option, this version will include the same contents as the standard Battle for the Wellspring Battle Box, but with six fully assembled premium painted miniatures!

In response to some fans expressing preference for pre-painted miniatures during the 2022 HasLab campaign, we were determined to offer an option that satisfied that preference. The inclusion of these Premium Painted Editions gives the fans the option to choose whether they’ll jump in with premium painted, or unpainted miniatures.

“With the opening of pre-orders for Heroscape, we’re inviting players and retailers to jump on board and be part of the future of one of the greatest miniature games ever played!” said Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher at Renegade Game Studios. “Each part of this first wave offers unique and exciting options for every type of Heroscape player, promising endless hours of strategic gameplay and storytelling. Valhalla awaits!”

“Through our initial efforts to reinvigorate Heroscape in 2022 with a campaign on Hasbro Pulse’s crowdfunding platform, HasLab, it became evident that the fans’ passion for the game remains strong. Their unwavering support inspired us to explore new avenues to sustain and engage with the Heroscape community. We are excited about Heroscape’s future with Renegade Games and are committed to honoring the enthusiasm of our fans,” said Bradley Bowman, Senior Director, Global Toys at Hasbro.

Pre-orders for Heroscape Wave 1 are available now at, Hasbro Pulse, and participating retailers. Stay tuned for news on Wave 2, which is expected to release in the Fall of 2024!  

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