Hasbro Launches TRANSFORMERS Omega Prime HasLab Campaign

Today, Hasbro revealed their latest TRANSFORMERS HasLab crowd-funding project based on the TRANSFORMERS: Legacy Robots in Disguise 2001 Omega Prime. Featuring an 8.5-inches tall Optimus Prime and 11.5 inches tall Ultra Magnus action figures, these two can combine to form into the Ultimate Energy Combiner, an 13.75-inch tall Omega Prime. Additionally, the 5.75-inches tall Autobot Bluebolts will be included in this project that can convert from robot into 6 weapon accessories.

Hisashi Yuki-san, Takara Tomy’s designer of the original TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus toys in 2000, returns to this project.

“TRANSFORMERS and Takara Tomy share a valued partnership that has spanned four decades, creating countless characters and products cherished by fans worldwide,” said Mike Ballog, Vice President, Action Brands, Hasbro. “From its toy robot-to-vehicle introduction in 1984 to our new 13.75-inch Omega Prime HasLab that launched today, we have seen TRANSFORMERS evolve into a global brand that is truly – MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. We were honored to have Takara Tomy’s iconic designer, Hisashi Yuki-San, collaborate with us on this unique Omega Prime project, incorporating the classic features of the original toy that fans loved while updating the design to reflect the modern version for a new generation. We look forward to continuing the TRANSFORMERS legacy with Takara Tomy as we celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary.”

This project needs 10,000 backers to begin production and will run from January 30, 2024, until March 14, 2024 at 11:59PM ET. If successful, the project will begin shipping in Fall 2025. Beyond the intial funding goal of 10,000 backers there are two additional funding tiers. At 13,000 backers, the 23.5-inch Matrix Blade is unlocked. This is Omega Prime’s ultimate weapon and the physical embodiment of the power of the Matrix of Leadership. The final tier, unlocked at 16,000 backers, are a pair of Global Space Bridge display stands.

You can find, and back, this HASLAB Campaign here.

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