NERF Revolutionizes A Classic With NERF Better Than Balloons

It’s a new year and our friends at NERF are kicking it off by reinventing a classic play plattern and bringing it into the 21st century. This year NERF is introducing NERF Better Than Balloons, a water balloon alternative for a revolution in play. These self-sealing pods are both easy to fill and easy to clean-up. You still get the splashing fun of a water balloon without the hassles! Gone are the days of filling a single balloon at the hose – these pods come attached on individual sheets with 12 pods per sheet – allowing you to fill a few sheets for some quick fun or do a whole box for an epic water balloon battle. The self-sealing pods are also engineered to stay in one piece when they burst, making clean up after water balloon games less of a chore.

NERF Better Than Balloons are available on Amazon now and will be at major retails next month. Three sizes of packages are available with 36 pods ($4.99 SRP), 108 pods ($9.99) and 228 pods ($19.99) in the respective boxes.

What better way to escape the polar vortex of the winter than day dreaming of Spring and Summer water balloon fun with NERF!

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