Toy Fair 2023 – Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd.

Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. never disappoint at Toy Fair and this trend continued in 2023. Off all the booth tours I had during the show, they were among the few that had a good amount of new product since SDCC. Check the gallery below for all the new products, but a few highlights were:

  • While shown at SDCC, the GI Joe Joe Colton PVC statue now has his flocked hair and it’s perfect. I cannot wait to own this.
  • The Marvel Gallery Cyclops PVC statue actually has Scott looking ‘slim’, which is a nice change from other bulked out takes on the character in his 90’s look.
  • Marvel Selects Archangel is near perfection, and you even can choose your favorite head from three choices.
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme is looking ripped in the new Gallery Tournament PVC statue. #fitfam!

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