Scale change on the horizon for Doctor Who

Doctor Who logoFrom an interview with Toys ‘n Plaything, Character Options goes on record with:
“Our product range will be diverse and innovative, in addition to the figures and playsets that have been released, Autumn 2012 will see the first Doctor Who App-related toy in which you connect your smartphone to a physical device enabling kids to digitally battle Daleks, Cybermen and Angels as they appear in their actual location on screen via augmented reality. We have huge expectations from an exciting new toy range for 2013 with new scale action figures, playsets and role play toys. Construction will continue to grow with the introduction of Series three micro-figures and all new playsets based on the upcoming episodes.”

While the app infused toys sound cool, and I look forward to those; the Who forums exploded on the ‘new scale’ comment. It’s been confirmed that there’s a scale change, likely to 3 3/4″ for the mass market, new series figures. Any classic releases which continue will remain in the 5″ scale. At this point there are no images or examples of these new figures – likely there won’t be any until next year. Frankly I’m pretty optimistic on this change, it’s a great opportunity for some cool vehicles and playsets (all new Who, of course) if this scale change is successful.

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