Toy Fair 2023 – Funko, Loungefly and Mondo

The Funko family of brands created an impressive block of booths on the Toy Fair showroom floor. Today I had the chance to tour their space checking out the latest and greatest from Funko, Loungefly and Mondo. Of course there was a ton of product on disply so I only photographed a fraction of what was there – but I tried to focus on the latest and greatest of upcoming products.


For Funko the next big thing is actually really small – Bitty Pop!s. These take your favorite Pop! form factor and shrink it down, way down. They are a really cool new way to collector your favorites. Another cool thing coming from Funko are ‘Evergreen’ Pop!s – these are classic and always in demand characters – so they’ll always be available. And of course all your other favorite Funko items are continuing – Pop!s, plush, Soda and so much more are on the way.


Loungefly has quickly become a huge way for people to express their fandoms with bags across so many properties. The batch of bags shown at Toy Fair are among the most creative yet with the McDonalds bags particularly standing out – where else can you get a back that looks like an order of fries. Also impressive – the bags that look like classic McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal buckets. But beyond McDonalds look for your favorite Disney characters, Star Wars and even Transformers to have entries in Loungefly’s assortment of bags.


Mondo really didn’t have anything new at the show, having shown off several new products at SDCC, however I’ll never pass up the opportunity to look at their great products and share shots of their top notch 1:6 scale figures. From He-Man to Batman to X-Men – these never fail to impress.

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