Lego Minifigs series 2 relased in US? Possible UPC decoder…

While many people haven’t had the chance to complete the first series of Lego mini-figs; there’s signs that the 2nd series is starting to hit in the US.  There’s a few reports on flickr, of all places, of people finding the figures.  Flickr member SavatheAggie has posted a UPC guide for the North American release, which you can see after the jump.  None of these UPC have been validated by AwesomeToyBlog as I haven’t seen these myself.  Time to get myself to the Lego store and the area Toys R Us.

Also, Entertainment Earth still has open pre-orders for a set of 10 Series 2 figures ($29.99) or a Series 2 display box ($164.99) if you want to avoid the hunt.

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