Magic The Gathering x Nerf

Hasbro PulseCon was today, featuring a bevvy of new reveals. Here are the official pics and info straight from Hasbro on their new Secret Lair offering—a crossover between MTG and Nerf.


(Ages 8+ / Approx. Retail Price: $39.99 / Available for pre-order 9/22 on Hasbro Pulse)

NERF teamed up with MAGIC: THE GATHERING’s experimental sub-brand Secret Lair to bring NERF and Magic fans this special edition NERF blaster! Inspired by the classic art from these cards, NERF LMTD Lightning Lair blaster features lightning bolt deco, includes 2 exclusive playable Lightning Bolt promo cards and unleashes a triple-dart blast to duplicate the 3 damage dealt by the Lightning Bolt card. The Lightning Lair blaster comes with 2 shells that each hold 3 darts. When you fire the blaster, the shell releases all 3 darts simultaneously. The blaster has a break-open barrel for loading the shell. Press a lever and the barrel swings open, load a shell inside, and manually swing the barrel up to close. Prime with the pull-back handle on the rear of the blaster and pull the trigger to send a dart flying!

Unleash the adrenaline-pumping action of NERF dart blasting as you wield your powers against your opponents. The NERF LMTD Lightning Lair blaster comes in premium packaging that’s perfect for display, if you choose to showcase this bolt of blaster brilliance in your Magic collection. The card is housed in its own box, which is designed to capture the look of Magic deck boxes. The NERF LMTD Lightning Lair is exclusively available for pre-order for Pulse premium members on 9/22 at 4PM ET and open to everyone at 5PM ET on Hasbro Pulse.

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