New Doctor Who Classics set – Keeper of Traken

Doctor Who logoUnderground Toys clearly has its eyes set on my wallet for the next few months as last week, while the states were engulfed in a turkey induced haze, they announced yet another classic Doctor Who set due out around the end of the year.  This time around the 4th Doctor the’s next to last story “Keeper of Traken” gets some representation in plastic form.  This story, which introduces Nyssa, features the Master scheming to secure a new set of regenerations.  Included in the set are figures of the Master (a remold of the ‘Deadly Assassin’ Master), the 4th Doctor (jacketless), the Melkur (all new!) and the Master’s TARDIS (the grandfather clock) and a Source Manipulator Sphere accessory. Check the set out at the bottom of the post!

To catch up, there’s a number of sets due towards the end of this year (or early next).

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