Hasbro SDCC Transformers Official Press Pictures

Today was the first full day of SDCC and Hasbro’s first brand panel of the show was the Transformers Generations panel – covering Legacy, Studio Series and more. Below you’ll find a full run down of everything shown in the panel complete with the official photography from Hasbro. There’s a lot of pics in this post – enjoy!

Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Collection

TRANSFORMERS Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot – Flagship Collector’s Edition

Transformers Legacy Evolution Armada Universe Powerlinx…mada Universe Jolt

Transformers Legacy Evolution Deadeye Duel 2-Pack

Transformers Legacy Evolution Leader Class Nova Prime

Transformers Legacy Evolution Stunticon Menasor Multipack

Transformers Legacy Evolution Voyager Class Nacelle

Transformers Legacy Evolution War Dawn 2-Pack

Transformers Studio Series Commander TF The Movie 86-21 Ultra Magnus

Transformers Studio Series Core Class TF ROTB Terrorcon Novakane

Transformers Studio Series Core Class TF The Movie Decepticon Frenzy (Red)

Transformers Studio Series Core Class Transformers ROTB Noah Díaz Exo-Suit

Transformers Studio Series Deluxe 105 Autobot Mirage

Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Transformers Rise of the Beasts 104 Nightbird

Transformers Studio Series Leader 106 Optimus Primal

Transformers Studio Series Movie 1 15th Anniversary Decepticon Multipack

Transformers Studio Series Voyager The TF The Movie 86-23 Autobot Ratchet

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