New Hasbro ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Toys Revealed Ahead of Movie Opening

This weekend movie theaters everywhere will be welcoming adventurers as ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ is set to open. Hasbro today hosted a livestream and revealed brand new toys in the both the Golden Archive line and the Dicelings line. All of these new products are now available to pre-order on Hasbro Pulse and retailers everywhere.

In the Golden Archive line the new revealed include the beasts Xanathar (the eye medusa beast), the Displacer Beast (a creepy giant cat with tendrils), the Brown Owl Bear (ok, this one is obvious) and the figures Doric and Xenk. Each of the beasts has a suggested price of $44.99 and the figures are $24.99. Check out pics of these Golden Archive releases below.

In addition to the Golden Archive toys, new Dicelings were also shared. Dicelings convert from a D20 dice to a beast and back. Each priced at $13.99, the new Dicelings showed today are the Green Dragon, Blue translucent Displacer Beast, Mimic and Brown Owlbear.

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