Mondo’s 1:6 Scale X-Men: The Animated Series Jubilee Availble for Pre-Order Tomorrow

Mondo entered the world of MARVEL’S X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES with JUBILEE, hand in explosive hand. Now, the newest member of the X-Men is also the third in the line of X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES 1/6 scale figures. With her signature yellow trench and pink armor, Wolverine’s mall sidekick is ready to unlock her plasma powers. (Just don’t put her too close to your computer.) Alongside the Regular Edition, Mondo is releasing a Limited Edition JUBILEE who’s prepared for boarding with extra gear and portraits … including her look from “Jubilee’s Fairytale Theater.”

The limited edition is has an edition size of 1000 with a purchase limit of two per customer and is priced at $205. The standard edition is priced at $195. Both are expected to ship in June 2023 both to the United States and International. There are payment plans available.

Regular Edition includes:

  • Neutral Portrait
  • Smiling Portrait
  • Bubblegum Portrait
  • Sunglasses Portrait
  • 3 Pairs of Hands
  • 2 Fists
  • 2 Dazzler Hands
  • 2 Neutral Hands
  • 1 Spark Finger
  • 2x Fireworks Blast
  • 2x “The Works” Fireworks
  • Chili Fries
  • Slur-P Soda Cup
  • Figure Stand

Limited Edition also includes:

  • Fairytale Theater Portrait
  • Skater Helmet Portrait
  • Skateboard
  • Knee Pads

Mondo is also excited to announce the Regular Edition of their Magneto 1/6 Scale Figure. All three figures hit tomorrow at 12PM CT (Tuesday, 1/31). Also limited to two per customer, he is expected to ship in February 2023. Magneto is priced at $215.

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