News from Hasbro’s Pulse Con: Star Wars

Pulse Con’s last presentation of the show was from the Star Wars team. New figures were shown across Black Series and Vintage Collection and a new batch of ‘pipeline’ teases were given.

40th Anniversary Return of the Jedi Black Series

Announced at SDCC, we saw the first reveals from this commemorative collection that takes Black Series figures and puts them on a vintage style card. For this next (and last – for a while) 40th anniversary series we saw: the Biker Scout, Lando Skiff Guard, Endor Han, Endor Leia and Wicket.

Black Series

In the mainline Black Series, reveals were mainly of Andor figures including the titular Cassian Andor, Bix Caleen, Luten Rael and Mon Mothma. Also shown was Axe Woves from the Mandalorian.

Vintage Collection

The big debut from the Vintage Collection is a massive Pulse exclusive set of Modal Nodes- get the band in one swoop complete with instruments. Also shown were Cassian Andor, Hunter and Vel Sarth (from Andor). Also an Endor Bunker playset was teased.

Pipeline Teases

In the pipeline part of the presentation, the Star Wars team shared that they are working on Black Series Pike Soldier, Cade Bane and Tusken Cheiftan. In the 40th Return of the Jedi series look for Jedi Luke, Darth Vader (removeable helmet, end of the movie Vader), the Royal Guard and an all new R2-D2. Roleplay teases were a Luke ForceFX saber (green) and a Clone Trooper (Phase II) helmet.

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