News from Hasbro’s Pulse Con: Transformers

The Transformers team took to the Pulse Con stage and revealed several new Transformers Legacy figures. But for the second year of the line, it’s Legacy Evolution. The big news for Core Class is that the Dinobots will be released in this scale – and they are a combiner – and there are six of them. Coming first are Slug and Sludge. Also coming into Core Class is Soundblaster.

In the Deluxe scale, figures revealed included Breakdown, Scraphook (a new Junkion!) Hotshot (from Armada), and Needlenose with Target Masters Sunbeam and Zigzag. Breakdown will keep the standard Legacy packaging to keep consitency across all the Stunticons.

Voyager class will be adding Leo Prime and Tarn, from the IDW series.

Finally, Soundwave was announced to be joining the Shattered Glass Collection.

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