News from Hasbro’s Pulse Con: Marvel Legends

The Hasbro Marvel team shared a ton of new product during their Pulse Con time slot. One of the keystone items was a Pulse Exclusive Retro Iron Man with Plasma Cannon. It’s insane and awesome.

They also announced a new X-Men Retro carded series that includes: WolverineLongshotMultiple ManAvalancheSpiral, and Dark Phoenix.

The team also revealed a three pack featuring Daredevil, Elektra and Marvel’s Bullseye .

One last figure in the X-Men Animated Series VHS line was announced – Cyclops. The X-Men take a break from the VHS line, but look for it to continue with a focus on Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Other items revealed during the stream:

  • Two figures from a 2023 Avengers Comic wave, Orb and Molecule Man
  • Walgreen’s exclusive ‘villain’ collection will be wrapping up with Moonstone
  • Warrior Gamora from Disney+’s ‘What If’ is on the way
  • The ‘retro’ Wolverine in the blue and yellow team uniform is just the first of the whole team. Storm and Banshee in matching costumes were show…look for these to be part of two three packs.
  • A new Stryfe figure was shown

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