G. I. Joe Livestream Details: Sarge Returns and New Classified Joe Pre-Orders Open

Hasbro today popped on youtube and hosted a Pulse livestream with a Joe themed stream. The big announcement of the day was the news that a new multi-year partnership has been established with iconic, American pro-wrestler Robert Rudolph Remus; also known as Sgt Slaughter. During the panel a digital render of the new Sgt Slaughter figure was previewed. Sarge will come with exciting accessories allowing fans to recreate the 80s nostalgic Sgt Slaughter experience.

New pre-orders also dropped today for Zarana, Tiger Force Recondo, Crimson Guard, Tiger Force David L. “Bazooka” Katzenbogen, Python Patrol Officer and Dusty 6” Action Figures. The Tiger Force figures, Recondo and the Python Patrol Officer are exclusive to Target. The other four figures are available for pre-order all all your favorite online toy spots. Check below for official pics of these upcoming figures.

And look for a ton of new G. I. Joe news during YO JOE JUNE!

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