Walmart’s Collector Con Returns March 24th and 25th

The hottest collector’s event of the season is back! Walmart’s Collector Con is here again for two days of new releases and exclusive launches from March 24 – 25.  

Collector Con will feature the most exclusive and sought-after collector items from top brands and franchises including Funko, Star Wars, Marvel, Hot Wheels, Batman, Nintendo, LEGO, Pokémon, Barbie and more.  

This year, fans can shop a variety of action figures, vehicles, dolls, sport and game trading cards, including over 60 Walmart exclusive products such as: 

  • GI Joe Retro Cardback Character, Mars (most likely Baroness)
  • Jurassic World Off-Road Vehicle  
  • Suicide Squad 5-Pack Collector Box 
  • Funko POP Cover Art: Amazing Spider-Man  
  • Funko POP Broadway: Hamilton, King George 
  • LEGO Star Wars The Trash Compactor Diorama 

The festivities begin Thursday, March 24 with multiple chances for fans to get their hands on products for the first time starting at 7am, 12pm and 5pm PST over the course of the two-day event.  

And for those gearing up for the next chapter of Collector Con, the limited-edition series will continue this year with additional events in July and October, timed to the San Diego and New York Comic Con events, respectively.  

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