Matty on MotU – No more reissues, lower production quantities

Matty posted some updates on his facebook page today regarding the 2012 run of Masters of the Universe Classics.  In true Matty style, this is all information that should have been provided when the subscription period started; as customers only have one chance to bundle their subscriptions together.  The updates are:

  • Production of the “extra” figures for non-subscribers has been decreased; while the lack of instant sell-outs has, in general, pleased fans – the casual collector may likely become re-acquainted with Matty’s white screen.
  • Reissues of figures (at least for now) are a thing of the past.  Beginning with Man-E-Faces, figures will be available once and then gone forever.  Or, until Matty makes them available again.

And regarding the Club Infinite Earths – the DC Universe subscription; things aren’t looking great.  With just 28% of the necessary subscribers signed up,  it is doubtful this club is going to materialize.

Now, to editorialize – I seriously contemplated getting a Club Eternia subscription this year, but I’m really only interested in the basic figures – no huge figures, multipacks, vehicles, etc. and I’ve had no issue getting the figures I want from on the sale day…so I opted to not subscribe and planned on picking Shadow Weaver up eventually.  But I did sign up for club Lion Force, since that Voltron is pretty swank.  Had these news items been made available when sales started, I likely would have subscribed to Club Eternia – benefited from combined shipping and not worried about white screens.  Now if I were to subscribe, I would not be able to combine shipping – so I’m not going to.  If I miss out on figures, I miss out on figures and get to keep $30 in my pocket for each one I miss.  Sorry Matty, you screwed this one up.

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