Hasbro Reveals Painted HASLAB Rancor and 3rd and 4th Tier Incentives

This past Friday, during a Pulse Livesteam the Hasbro Star Wars team promoted the Rancor HASLAB campaign by showing off the fully painted sample of the impressively large toy. With just over 15 days left in the campaign, the team also revealed the 3rd and 4th unlock items.

At 16,000 backers, a single carded Black Series Salacious Crumb will be included with the Rancor. At 19,000 an all-new Black Series Jedi Luke (no gloved hand!) on a Power of the Force card (with coin!) will be included.

The Rancor HASLAB campaign has just over 4800 backers at the time of this article with a goal of 9000 to go into production. The campaign runs until 11:59PM EST on December 6th, 2021.

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