Character Options Announces Next Round of B&M Exclusive Classic Doctor Who Sets

Character Options is excited to announce a next wave of Doctor Who action figure sets for 2021 with five new lines scheduled to arrive in B&M stores in Mid-October.

The line-up will introduce two more action figure three packs, two further ‘History of the Daleks’ sets, plus a rather splendid “Doctor & TARDIS” set. This new wave includes highly detailed and decorated 5.5 inch scale figures with multiple points of articulation all of which come packaged in the familiar ‘heritage’ style Doctor Who collector packs with specially created insert artwork. Once again these Limited Edition figure sets all bring something fresh to the range be it the characters themselves or variants never released before.

These are expected to be exclusive to the UK with no US distribution.

The First Doctor and TARDIS ‘An Unearthly Child’ (1963) collector figure set
In this story, upon entering an old Junkyard in Totters Lane, Shoreditch in a bid to
locate a wayward pupil of theirs, schoolteachers Ian and Barbara encounter a
mysterious stranger called the Doctor and his unworldly Time and Space machine
TARDIS. The set features the First Doctor figure in his closed jacket and scarf plus
the TARDIS. The TARDIS is also presented for the first time with a more correct
‘Brachacki’ style taller roof and Fresnel lamp of Season 1 plus additional ‘drip bars’
on the lower windows.

History Daleks Set #6 Evil of the Daleks and #8 Planet of the Daleks

The Doctor Who ‘History of the Daleks’ sets have developed their very own fan base and are sequentially staggered as before, so again these next two sets are slightly out of order to rebalance the line.

The #6 The Evil of the Daleks Set is from the 1967 Second Doctor story and features
two detailed Dalek figures. The first is of the imperial guard Dalek seen towards the end of the story with its black dome and is joined by a standard silver ‘drone’ Dalek. The History of the Dalek sets have unique differences and this set has different deco and two different eyestalks for the Daleks in line the first appearance of the ‘pupil’ style eye in this story.

The 1972 Dalek story ‘Planet of the Daleks’ was wildly ambitious in scope, intending to feature a full Dalek Army. The existing three props were therefore bulked out by the arrival of brand new Dalek props. The episode also gave the Daleks new voices.

In the story the Daleks have enslaved the Planet Spiradon, and are carrying out experiments into invisibility and biological weapons. Meanwhile a group of Thals from the Daleks’ home planet are already trying to thwart their plans, but unbeknown, there is an army of 10,000 Daleks hidden on the planet. This ‘army builder’ set features two ‘drone’ style Daleks as seen in the story in their full black and metallic grey splendour. Both Daleks also have new eyestalks based on one of the variants seen onscreen. Never have the Daleks looked so purposeful, militaristic and threatening onscreen.

Earthshock (1982) collector figure set

Based on the 1982 story where the Cybermen concoct a devious plan to explode a gigantic bomb on Earth and then launch a full scale invasion, this set features the Fifth Doctor in his slightly muddied attire as well as the twin cybernetic Androids plus the Cyber-Bomb they are guarding. The Androids were very memorable characters and these action figures feature swappable ‘attack’ hand accessories and come complete with the Cyber Bomb itself!

The Five Doctors 1983 collector figure set

This set is from the Classic Anniversary Story the Five Doctors in which the Doctor suffers some cosmic angst that’s revealed to be his other selves being removed from Time to the ‘Death Zone’ on Gallifrey, to aid the dictatorial Time Lord Borusa in his quest for entry to the Tomb of Rassilon. The set features the Third Doctor in his unique outfit from that story, a somewhat weathered Cyberman figure with blaster and for the first time, a figure of the very memorable Raston Warrior Robot.

Al Dewar Character Options’ Creative Director said: “I think it is safe to say this swathe of releases is very different from the first release and features some truly unique characters and ‘Big hitters’. This line up represents some of the finest episodes of the Fifth Doctor, Cyber Androids with interchangeable ‘attack’ hands, a Raston Warrior Robot and a new First Doctors TARDIS that’s not just a repaint! In the Daleks sets we have also delivered something new for fans again with some truly nefarious Daleks and the first real ‘army builder’ set. We hope that our fans and followers enjoy them!”

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