Hasbro Announces New ‘What If…?’ Wave of Hasbro Legends Featuring Sylvie from ‘Loki’

Hasbro hosted a Pulse Livestream yesterday where they announced a new wave of Marvel Legends from Disney+’s upcoming ‘What If…?’ show (with some Sylvie for good measure) as well as a retro carded Tigra and a Walgreen’s exclusive Binary.

(Quick warning – the next paragraph and the pics may be spoilers, so beware)

The ‘What If…?’ wave, coming this fall, features T’Challa as Star-Lord, a Zombie Captain America, Captain Carter, a Zombie Hunter Spidey (which with the cape removed does look like a Disney Avenger’s Campus Spidey), Doctor Strange Supreme, Sylvie from ‘Loki’ and Heist Nebula. The build a fig for this wave is The Watcher. Also along side the wave is an oversized figure – the Hydra Stomper.

Also announced yesterday is the latest fan channel exclusive figure – a retro carded Tigra figure. You can nab this feline Avenger at any of your favorite online retailers.

Finally, a new Walgreen’s exclusive has been announced – it’s Binary. Carol Danvers has never looked so…uh…red and on fire. You’ll be able to pick her up this fall.

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