QMx Announces Partnership with Mattel to Produce Masters of the Univserse Q-Figs

Quantum Mechanix Inc. (QMx) today announced the company has entered into an agreement with Mattel Inc. to create a new line of their best-selling Q-Figs for Masters of the Universe™.

This licensing deal will allow QMx to produce a new collection of their massively popular Q-Fig collectibles based on Mattel’s iconic characters from classic Masters of the Universe™. The agreement marks the first time the two companies will collaborate, bringing together QMx’s story-centric approach to premium collectibles with Mattel’s rich history of Masters of the Universe™ storytelling. 

“Masters of the Universe™ is without a doubt one of the most cherished icons of many people’s childhoods,” said QMx CEO Andy Gore. “Not only are those fans about to get amazing new stories thanks to Masters of the Universe™: Revelation, but they’ll also be able to collect their favorite classic MoTU characters for their Q-Fig collections. From He-Man to Skeletor, Battle Cat, Evil-Lyn and more, fans will be thrilled with the superior quality of our Masters of the Universe™ premium collectibles, telling the stories they know and love from Eternia.” 

Customers and retailers interested in the new Masters of the Universe™ Q-Figs line can learn more at qmxonline.com and follow QMx on Twitter and Instagram (@qmxinsider). 

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