Star Wars Reveals From Hasbro Pulse Friday Livestream

Last Friday, Hasbro filled your morning with Hasbro Pulse Livestreams, one of which featured the Star Wars team. Following on the phenomenal success of the HasLab Razor Crest, this livestream had something for fans of both 3 3/4″ and 6″.

On the 6″ side of the brand, three new Black Series were announced: Asaji Ventress, ‘Bad Batch’ Crosshair and ‘Bad Batch’ Hunter. Each of these figures feature the premium articulation, sculpt and deco that fans expect from the Black Series.

On the Vintage Collection side, a new Zutton (or Snaggletooth as he’s known around the ATB HQ) is on the way on a classic Star Wars cardback.

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