Hasbro Pulsecon Marvel Reveals: Avengers Game, Stormbreaker Roleplay and So Much More

Day one of Hasbro PulseCon is all wrapped up and here are the details of everything announced during the Marvel Legends portion of the show.

Avengers Game Wave 2: A second wave including Avengers game figures was announced. This wave includes Stealth Captain America (including unmasked game based photoreal portrait), Atmosphere Iron Man (with game based photoreal portrait), Jocasta, a classic comic Falcon, Kang and Thunderstrike. The build-a-figure is a game-based Joe Fixit (but a grey repaint in pin stripes is all but guaranteed)

Stormbreak Role Play Item: Not much to explain here – but here you go…Thor’s super powerful axe from Endgame has made the leap to role play.

Fans Choice: The winner of the 2020 fan vote was Silk. Look for her to be available in the near future.

Marvel Legends Hellfire Club Trooper Army Builder: To go along with your new boxset, get some Hellfire Guards! Now available for pre-ordering on Hasbro Pulse for $14.99.

Marvel Legends 3 3/4″ Chase 2-Pack: The new 4″ Marvel figures were revealed earlier in the week, but today we were shown a 4th 2-pack which included metallic decos of Iron Man and Black Panther.

2021 Previews: The rest of the items in this post are screen grabs from the panel and are look aheads of things to come.

  • Spider-Man 2021 Wave 1: New Miles Morales, Ghost Spider with Spider-Ham, and Hand Ninja shown. Build-a-figure is Stiltman…the Ninja includes the leg extensions, meaning the more ninjas you have, the taller your Stiltman can be.
  • House of X Wave: Moira MacTaggert, Professor X and Magneto were previewed
  • Villians Wave: Arcade and Dormammu were previewed
  • Retro X-Men: Toy Biz-style carded updates shown for Gambit and Rogue
  • Others: Dark Silver Surfer, deluxe Thanos, and Firestar also shown

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