Hasbro Shows You ‘The Way’ With New Mandalorian Black Series, Vintage Collection and More

Today Hasbro announced a ton of new Mandalorian themed products including redecos of both Black Series and Vintage Collection figures.

Starting with MONOPOLY STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN Edition, available starting October 1st, this edition lets players take on the roles of The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11, or Kuiil. Getting The Child token lets players enhance their character’s special ability and use The Child’s unique ability. Buy hideouts, win battles, and earn Imperial credits. The player with the most Imperial credits wins, but if an Imperial enemy gets The Child, the game’s over for everyone.

The STAR WARS: THE BLACK SERIES CREDIT COLLECTION features reissues of characters from The Mandalorian and each figure features multiple
points of articulation, premium deco, a collectible Imperial Credit accessory, and packaging that has been treated with a weathered look inspired by the end credit images from The Mandalorian. Releases include (links will go live a 4PM Easter on 9/21/20):

  • Heavy Infantry Mandalorian – $34.99 – available at Best Buy
  • The Mandalorian – $24.99 – available at Amazon
  • Cara Dune – $24.99 – available at Target
  • IG-11 – $24.99 – available at GameStop
  • Death Trooper – $24.99 – available at Amazon


Also announced this morning was a ‘Carbonized Collection’ of Vintage Collection Manadalorian figures. Featuring the same metallic deco as the Black Series Carbonized Collection – now they are getting the 3.75″ treatment. Releases include:

  • The Mandalorian – $17.99 – Available at Walmart
  • Remnant Stormtrooper – $17.99 – Available at Walmart
  • Cara Dune – $17.99 – Available at Walmart
  • Imperial Deathtrooper – $17.99 – Available at Walmart

The final new items announced today is the second series of the STAR WARS THE BOUNTY COLLECTION, THE CHILD 2.2-INCH Collectible figures, inspired by the super-cute character from the hit Disney Plus series THE MANDALORIAN. With 6 figures to choose from, kids and fans can collect figure 2-packs featuring fun poses such as “Child Pram” and “Mandalorian Necklace,” “Helmet Hiding” and “Stopping Fire,” and “Speeder Ride” and “Touching Buttons.” Each 2-Pack sold separately. Available at most major retailers.

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