New Marvel Legends Announced During Pulse Fan First Friday

For the past few weeks Hasbro has been highlighting one brand per week in their Hasbro Pulse Fan First Fridays. This week was Marvel’s turn and they filled out a couple of waves and shared some never before seen products.

Spider-Man ‘Retro’ Wave

Packaged on ToyBiz inspired cardbacks, we now know the complete rundown for the Spidey Retro wave. You can now pre-order Spider-Man, Daredevil (armored), Electro, Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy (with bonus Mary Jane head) and Peter Parker. (Amazon link, Entertainment Earth, Hasbro Pulse)

Walgreen’s Exclusive Moon Knight

A new Walgreen’s exclusive was announced, Moon Knight. Featuring a more classic take on the character, a landing page is up on Walgreen’s site..but he’s not available to order yet.

New Deluxe Figures

Also announced were a pair of deluxe figures – a new War Machine (Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Hasbro Pulse) and an ‘Age of Apocalypse’ Apocalypse (Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Hasbro Pulse), which fills a very apparent gap in the recent X-Men wave.

New Troop Builder

And the last new item revealed today was a new troop builder figure – the A.I.M. Trooper. Individually boxed at a lower price than a standard figure, you can build your A.I.M. ranks over at HasbroPulse.

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