Toy Fair 2020: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends again was featured prominently at Hasbro’s Brand event during Toy Fair. Key announcments included:

  • Iron Man 2020 Walgreens Exclusive – preorder at
  • Maximum Venom – Venomized Captain America – @ Walmart
  • Venomized Mylea and Ghost Spider – wave TBD
  • Hydra Trooper Army Builder – at Hasbro Pulse
  • Pulse Fan Vote – White Elektra – Lady Sif – Silk. Fan vote open until next Friday.
  • Punisher With Motorcycle
  • Red Hulk @ Target exclusive
  • Gamerverse Iron Man (Starboost armor) pre-order at Target
  • Avengers game wave 1 – Iron Man, Miss Marvel, Captain America (with photoreal face deco), Capt Mar-vell (comic) , Rage (comic), Mach 1 (comic), Leader (comic)with Abomination BAF
  • Sugar Man is the BAF for AoA wave
  • Deadpool wave – Sunspot, Blue/Gold Deadpool, Warpath, Strong Guy, Black Tom, Maverick
  • Retro Vintage Wave – Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, new everything Spider-Man (new engineering)
  • Deluxe Items – classic War Machine, AoA Apocalypse
  • Old Man Hawkeye (double knees, double elbows, no pins), Old Man Logan with baby Hulk
  • Nimrod, modern Rogue, classic Storm (Target exclusive),
  • X-Men Movies Wave: Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Mystique, Domino, Cable (Walmart Exclusive), Deadpool, Negasonic Teenge Warhead,
  • Magneto and Charles Xavier with alternate heads based on the actors you like best, Tank Top Wolverine – up on Amazon today

And the Marvel event concluded with a Haslab teaser for a Sentinel.

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