New (to the US) 5″ Doctor Who Figures Announced!

Doctor Who logoIf I learned anything as a Doctor Who fan in the 1990s, it was patience and today that skill paid off as two new (to the US) 5″ Doctor Who figures became available for pre-order on Entertainment Earth. It’s been a few months since the announcement of the 2nd Ace figure (she’s due this month), so these new pre-orders show the line still have some life. The two newly announced figures are a Regeneration 4th Doctor (very similar to a figure included in the UK 4th Doctor Time Capsule DVD set) and a Holographic 10th Doctor (also a UK exclusive figure). Both of these figures are set for an early 2015 release and are available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth (4th, 10th)

UT 4th Regen UT Holographic 10th

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  1. These are absolutely NOT new, merely variants. They reduce the value of the original limited edition Time Capsule Tom Baker (5,000 only). Greatly. I don’t know how rare the Holographic BBC Tennant figure is, but again, this detracts from collectibility. Why promote something as exclusive or limited and than re release the same thing with a very minor change?

    UT and CO need to produce truly NEW merchandise, please!

    Give us the rest of the Classic companions, some Draconians and Ogrons! 2nd. Doctor in his fur coat!

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