See Unicron’s Transformation from Planet to Robot

The HasLab campaign for Unicron kicked off right around SDCC and is over a quarter of the way to funding (2242 of 8000 as of this post) the largest Transformers ever. Today Hasbro provided a quick video featuring legendary Takara Tomy product designer, Kunihiro as he shows the set-up of the planet mode and the transformation from planet to robot. One of the things to note from the video is how certain steps of the figure’s transformation were inspired by, and recreated from, Transformers: The Movie.

If the project doesn’t reach 8,000 backers by August 31st, the product will not move into production. Also, orders for Unicron will no longer be accepted after August 31st. If you want to add this once-in-a-lifetime figure to your Transformers collection, you must back this project before the deadline. You can back this project at

Watch the video below.

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