Hasbro Recreates Marvel Comic Covers with Marvel Legends Figures

In celebration of 80 years of Marvel Comics, Hasbro has recreated some comic book covers featuring a variety of Marvel Legends figures from the new Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary line, including Iron Man, Thor, Storm, Colossus and more (and by more, it’s a new Jean Grey).

During San Diego Comic-Con later this week, the covers that feature the Marvel Legends X-Men figures will be made available for free for guests during two poster giveaway sessions at the Hasbro Booth (#3213)! Giveaway sessions will take place Friday at 10:30am and Saturday at 4:30pm. During each session two of the four posters will be distributed. Fans can swing by the booth during these times to collect all four to create one large X-Men poster.

In addition, the Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary figures will be available for pre-order on Thursday, 7/18.

You can preview these posters below.

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