Preview Hasbro’s Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusives

With San Diego Comic-con right around the corner, I was thrilled when a box from Hasbro showed up at the AwesomeToyBlog HQ with the two Marvel Legends SDCC exclusives – the retro Toy Biz styled Incredible Hulk and the Grandmaster/Collector two-pack. Available at the HasbroPulse booth at the show (and online later), these three are sure to get plenty of attention at the show.

The gallery below showcases these exclusives, and while I’m not going to do a detailed review, a few things stand-out with the figures…firstly the retro carded Hulk is huge…the picture with Cap helps put that in perspective. It’s massive. And yes, has a crushed pipe. The Collector and Grandmaster set also does a great job in filling out your MCU Marvel Legends collection…the Grandmaster is excellent across the board. The Collector is also quite good, with an amazing amount of detail in his clothing. Really…just look over the pics and pick them up at SDCC or online after the show.

Huge thanks to the Hasbro team for sending these over!!

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