Mattel Announces Masters of the Universe SDCC Exclusives

He-Man is coming home to Mattel, and the return kicks off at SDCC with a brand new take on the classic character.

As revealed today by Nerdist, Mattel will offer an all-new He-Man & Prince Adam action figure 2-Pack. The set includes He-Man and Prince Adam, looking similar to vintage versions of the character, but on a new articulated body that better meets today’s action figure expectations. These new bodies have 16 points of articulation and swappable parts. Prince Adam wears a removable blue vest which is based on is appearances in the old mini-comics, while He-Man has a removable knife accessory tucked into his boot which is based on early concept art. He also comes with a axe, shield and of course his Power Sword. This two-pack will cost $40.

Also available at SDCC will be the Mega Construx Battle Bones set. Build your own carrying case (based on the vintage toy) for your Mega Construx MOTU figures. Included with this set are Man-At-Arms, Teela, Faker and a flocked Moss Man, a heroic 20 weapon accessories, and even a Moss Man pine-scented air freshener that smells just like the original action figure! The Mega Construx Battle Bones SDCC exclusive is priced at $30.

Look for these during Mattel’s SDCC attendee pre-sale, at the Mattel booth and a-postSDCC non-attendee sale.

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