Mattel Shares SDCC Exclusive Batman Figure Set and Hot Wheels Batmobile

io9 today shared news of Mattel’s first Batman themed SDCC exclusives.

The ‘Batman’ movie turns 30 this year and Mattel is celebrating with a special Hot Wheels version of that movie’s Batmobile. This $25 set includes a detailed replica of the Batmobile, a small diecast Batman figure and a shell which represent’s the Batmobile’s armor. All packaged in a box which celebrates the film with the iconic logo.

On the figure front, Mattel also announced a boxset celebrating Batman’s 80th birthday with figures featuring some of Batman’s Silver Age looks. Negative Suit Batman, Zebra Batman, Rainbow Batman and…well, a reguar blue and grey Batman. These four Batmen are packaged in a silver age comic art covered box. These four figures will retail for $80.

For attendees of SDCC, Mattel will post a pre-order at their online store starting June 17th. If you snag what you want there, it will make it’s way direct to your house after the show. Sales for non-attendees will also likely take place in early August.

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