Toy Fair 2019 – Playmobil

Playmobil’s booth at Toy Fair is always stuffed with tons of awesome stuff. During today’s visit, I focused on just new licensed sets. These fell within three different themes: Ghostbusters, How To Train Your Dragon, and the Playmobil Movie.

  • The Ghostbuster sets includes a multi-pack of minifigures of the Ghostbusters, new 6″ scale Playmobil figures and a new Ecto-1A
  • The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ sets are the perfect blend of Playmobil play and attention to details and the animated franchise. The detailed deco on the dragons was impressive
  • The Playmobil movie will be launching in Europe later this year and will feature adventures in the different ‘lands’ which correspond to different Playmobil themes.

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