Robotech Super Deformed Blind Box Morphers now on Pre-order from Toynami

Toynami has introduced the world to the Robotech Super Deformed Blind Box Morphers. These take your favoriite Robotech mechs and give them a chibi makeover. Protecting Earth from alien conquest has never been more adorable! Each figure comes with a motorized pull-back action, is approximately 3.25” tall and transforms from Veritech to Battloid and back!

The Robotech Super Deformed Blind Boxes include:

  • VF-1J Miriya
  • VF-1S Skull Leader
  • VF-1J Max
  • VF-1J Rick
  • VF-1A Ben Dixon

These will be available in April 2019 and have an MSRP of $11.99. You can find a list of Toynami retailers here.

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