All New Character, Ægon, Now Available in Marvel Contest of Champions

Even with all odds against him, he has persevered to become a formidable fighter. Let his name be known as Ægon has officially made his way to Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions! Here is a quick bio of the character’s in-game story:

 Born to a pacifist race forced into slavery by the Master of the first Contest of Champions, Ægon always defied the strict code of nonviolence amongst his kin. He secretly trained as a gladiator, inspired by love and duty to win the Contest and free his people. Against all odds, he fought his way to the final battle against the Master. Ægon was victorious, but the battle cost him his arm, and the life of his beloved.His tragedy was complete when his own people cast him out as a pariah and left him behind in the Battlerealm. As Champion of the Contest, Ægon’s prize was the Iso-Belt, a powerful artifact that grants him the ability to manifest a phantom limb, and other willpower constructs, to replace his missing arm. However, the full extent of the belt’s powers are still unknown.

Full details of The Champion’s abilities and stats are here. To play Marvel Contest of Champions, go here.

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