New Yummy World Fiery Puffs Plush Now Available at

Kidrobot is spicing up your life with the new Yummy World Fiery Puffs Plush!  This extra-large food plushie pillow is better than a stuffed animal adding some finger lickin cuddley fire-flavored goodness to Yummy World and your home.  This XL bag of Fiery Puffs will heat your selfies up and add some interactive kick to your life! The Fiery Puffs have a spicy attitude and the removable fiery puffs are always up to something. Make sure to keep an eye on these spicy guys little guys!

The Fiery Puffs plushie packs in at approximately 19 inches tall!  Best friends with Yummy World Arnold and the Puffs Cheesy Puffs Plush, Sprinkletree’s favorite crunchy, cheesy snack, these fiery puffs are ready to heat up your life. The fiery puffs are removable and come with a crunchy surprise so show off your spicy side and sink your teeth into this new XL Yummy World addition!

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